September 16th Antique and Vintage

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 523
Stoneware flagon
Lot 524
Wrought iron candlesticks
Lot 525
Plated duck head walking stick
Lot 526
Copper companion set, decanter, advertising water jugs etc.
Lot 527
Royal Doulton Burgundy pattern dinner service
Lot 528
Duck ornaments, enamel ware etc.
Lot 529
Box of jewellers & enamellers copper blanks & modern copper etching plates
Lot 530
Assorted studio pottery by S C Curry and other decorative china and glassware
Lot 531
Collection of DVDs & CDs
Lot 532
4 x boxes of material, craft equipment, ribbon, ring boxes etc.
Lot 533
10 boxes of craft material, calenders, canvases, shoes, paints, jewellery bags,stationary etc.
Lot 534
Decorative china : continental ink stand, jigsaw, saucers etc.
Lot 535
Boxes of china glass oddments etc.
Lot 536
South East Asian wooden fruit bowl
Lot 537
Vintage Frister & Rossman sewing machine & print
Lot 538
North African pottery vases, Japanese plates etc.
Lot 539
3 x boxes of Decorative china mugs etc.
Lot 540
3 x boxes of china glass and oddments
Lot 541
Assortment of pictures and prints
Lot 542
Box of assorted brassware
Lot 543
Japanese gilded dish with bird decoration, 18th century lustre cream ware dish etc.
Lot 544
Cast iron Yorkshireman sign
Lot 545
Cast iron tractor bell
Lot 546
6 x Boxes of kitchenware, china glass oddments, blender, books etc.
Lot 549
Empty canteen boxes
Lot 550
Box of oddments including treen
Lot 551
Royal Doulton Series ware washbowl set
Lot 552
3 x boxes of china glass & oddments
Lot 553
Pictures and prints
Lot 554
Table lamps
Lot 555
Modern wicker picnic hamper
Lot 556
Box of early 20th century wax phonograph cylinders in original boxes
Lot 557
3 x boxes of china glass dinner ware etc.
Lot 558
4 x boxes of oddments, stickers etc. (some new with tags)
Lot 559
Cast iron sign Any Person Liable
Lot 560
African face masks etc.
Lot 561
20th century carved stone figure of Guanyin
Lot 563
Case of Insects (CITES approved)
Lot 564
Early 20th century oil on canvas Swans on Lake
Lot 565
Decorative china, jugs etc.
Lot 566
Bush bakelite radio
Lot 567
Vintage mantle clock
Lot 568
3 x empty canteen boxes
Lot 569
Antique style desk magnifier
Lot 570
Assorted pictures and prints
Lot 571
Box of china glass oddments
Lot 572
Cast iron sign MG
Lot 573
Box of assorted silver plated ware
Lot 574
Chinese charger
Lot 575
Meccano Junior in plastic box

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