September 16th Antique and Vintage

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 104
Solid silver eggcup Birm 1956 F H Adams 28 g
Lot 105
Solid silver table salt with blue plastic liner Birm. 1973 Sanders & Mackenzie 19 g
Lot 106
Early 19th century engraved silver sugar tongs 23 g
Lot 107
Silver case pocket watch case 40 g
Lot 108
4 x assorted silver spoons, differing assay offices and dates 57 g
Lot 109
2 x silver serviette rings 24 g
Lot 110
3 x silver brooches
Lot 111
Solid silver christening set in Goldsmiths presentation case London 1900 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. 98 g
Lot 112
Silver ARP and Territorial Army cap badges
Lot 114
Lower grade silver (.830) sifter with repousse work decoration 42 g
Lot 115
Solid silver sugar sifter Sheffield 1925 Cooper Brothers 35 g
Lot 116
Silver pepper pot marks rubbed 57 g
Lot 117
9 ct gold ring set with CZ in presentation box
Lot 118
9 ct gold ring set with diamond in presentation box
Lot 119
Vintage style advertising crates
Lot 120
Cast iron Robbie the Robort
Lot 121
Pair of silver gilt modern pill boxes (damaged)
Lot 122
Various vintage style enamelled hand bag tops (new & bagged)
Lot 123
Various hardstones beads
Lot 124
Assorted enamelled costume jewellery some by Stella Curry
Lot 125
Carved wooden box and one other
Lot 126
Cast iron sign : Private
Lot 127
Cast iron sign : Toilet
Lot 128
Cast iron sign : Toilet
Lot 129
Cast iron sign rack : Shell Motor Spirit
Lot 130
Bronzed metal figure of lady playing violin
Lot 131
Cast iron Michelin Man ornament
Lot 132
Shelf of assorted costume jewellery
Lot 133
Early 20th century bone chess set
Lot 134
Cast iron sign Beware of the Children
Lot 135
Cast iron Michelin coat rack
Lot 136
Antique style sextant in wooden box
Lot 137
Cast metal horse coat rack
Lot 138
Autograph books : Wallabies signatures
Lot 139
Box of assorted silver plated cutlery
Lot 140
Assorted costume jewellery etc.
Lot 141
Box of assorted costume and other jewellery
Lot 142
Assorted jewellery making beads
Lot 143
Various paintings oil on canvases by S Curry etc.
Lot 144
Modern oil on canvas Swans by Glynn Carter framed
Lot 145
Modern watercolour & ink by Henry Fuller Lady in the Roses F&G 82 cms x 59 cms & one other by same artist
Lot 146
Gilt frame mirror and etched frameless wall
Lot 147
Large case of butterflies (CITES approved)
Lot 149
Antique style pine hanging rack
Lot 150
2 x vintage tennis rackets, magazine rack and sewing nest of drawers, copper warming pan & skimmer
Lot 151
Modern stained and leaded glass panels and mirrors & convex mirror
Lot 152
Antique style Tiffany Favrille lamp
Lot 153
Antique style Tiffany Favrille lamp
Lot 154
Antique style Tiffany Favrille lamp
Lot 155
Vintage bird cage, lamp shades

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