September 16th Antique and Vintage

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 424
Early 20th century mahogany framed carver chair
Lot 425
Assorted treen and wooden ware : oak desk ink and pen stand, bread board, letter rack, gilded ormolu picture frame
Lot 426
Formica top kitchen table
Lot 427
Vintage Beano and comics
Lot 428
Assorted pictures and prints
Lot 429
Standard lamp
Lot 430
Vintage Ercol fleur de lis rocking chair and similar dining chair
Lot 430A
Teddy bear articulated and others : Burton & Burton USA, The House of Valentina, Traditional Bear Company, Isobel Collection among others
Lot 431
Reproduction extending dining table and 4 dining chairs
Lot 432
Vintage mahogany framed swing mirror
Lot 433
Vintage mahogany framed swing mirror
Lot 434
Hand decorated breakfast set
Lot 435
Carved South East Asian nest of hardwood tables
Lot 436
Copper coal helmet
Lot 437
Large drop modern lined curtains
Lot 438
2 painted towel rails
Lot 439
Vintage easels etc.
Lot 440
Woodburner effect electric fire
Lot 441
Early 20th century mahogany glazed display bookshelves / cabinet
Lot 442
2 x volumes of Lloyds Register 1973 - 1974 Barrow Ship Building Works
Lot 443
Vintage oak case mantle clock
Lot 444
Chinese Jun glaze vase 22 cms x 11 cms
Lot 445
Early 20th century pottery candlestick / lantern
Lot 446
Early 20th century oak leaded and glazed display bookshelves
Lot 447
Wooden modelling hand
Lot 448
Assorted plated tea sets
Lot 449
Cast iron sign Castrol
Lot 450
Cast iron sign BP
Lot 451
Late 19th / early 20th century Sitzendorf floral encrusted flower basket
Lot 452
Vintage oak linenfold blanket box
Lot 453
Vintage canteen of Community silver plated cutlery
Lot 454
Magazine rack, shooting stick etc.
Lot 455
Oak single drawer side table and wine table
Lot 456
Vintage mahogany occasional table
Lot 457
Vintage mahogany occasional table
Lot 458
Assorted iridescent and other glass ware, etched blue glass candlestick
Lot 459
Assorted table lamps & vases
Lot 460
Assorted silver plated ware
Lot 461
Victorian mahogany chest of drawers
Lot 462
Vintage table & 2 x low stools
Lot 463
Vintage oak case mantle clock
Lot 464
Chinese sang de boeuf glaze vase
Lot 465
Plaster bust, and one other and Brannam ware jug
Lot 466
Painted wooden box (Maritime interest)
Lot 467
Faux wood filing cabinet and vintage pine towel rail
Lot 468
Box of assorted silver plated ware
Lot 469
Vintage oak table and two others
Lot 470
Cast iron corner umbrella stand
Lot 471
Blue painted vintage penny seat kitchen chair & one other, stools
Lot 472
Decorative china : Denby wheatsheaf, assorted coffee cans, Doulton vase etc.

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