Saturday 17th March - Antique & General

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale

Lot 109
Vintage Optimus stove
Lot 110
6 x Interesting Kingmaker carved coal models of differing locomotives (railway interest) * paperweight
Lot 111
Vintage bakelite clockwork timer
Lot 112
Chapel of Most Ordinary British Empire along with Queen Elizabeth II signature
Lot 113
Lustre jugs, 19th century mugs, commemorative mug
Lot 114
Plichta of London Strawberries part coffee set comprising of
Lot 115
Cast iron sign : Beware of the Wife
Lot 116
Cast iron sign : Beware of the cat
Lot 117
Unusual brass maritime key rings in hardwood box
Lot 118
Collectors tins, buttons etc.
Lot 120
Assorted Michael Jackson ephemera : programmes, T shirt, poster, tapes etc.
Lot 120A
Vintage silk embroidered cap
Lot 121
Box of wooden handled cutlery
Lot 122
Queens Own Royal Kent West Regiment photograph frame
Lot 123
Vintage out riders leather fur lined hat by A & N Sons of London (automobilia interest)
Lot 124
Pair of Chinese baluster shape blue and white export pottery vases decorated with men on bridge (with damages and later ginger jar)
Lot 125
4 x shelves of books
Lot 126
Carved antique hardwood Indian temple pillar (Architectural salvage interest)
Lot 127
Modern garden bench
Lot 128
Large vintage wall mirror
Lot 129
Tray of antique and vintage Venetian style trade beads
Lot 130
Bowl of costume jewellery
Lot 131
2 x shelves of assorted posies
Lot 132
Basket of jewellery
Lot 133
Box of costume jewellery
Lot 135
Enchantica and Enchanted Lands Dragon ornaments
Lot 136
Enchantica and Enchanted Lands Dragon ornaments
Lot 137
Silver dressing jar lids (scrap), costume jewellery etc.
Lot 138
Silver open link bracelet with heart shape lock & other costume jewellery
Lot 139
4 Volumes : Cecil Aldin Hunting, H M Budget Hunting by Scent, Hawkins Hoof Beats, This Hunting Business Fife (Hunting interest)
Lot 140
Vintage brass monocular field microscope and odd slides
Lot 141
Vintage box Brownie camera & The Metropolitan whistle by J Hudson & Co.
Lot 142
Vintage kukri knife with wood handle in wood and leather scabbard
Lot 143
Vintage Scottish skean dhu with wooden handle in tooled leather scabbard by of Medlock and Craik of Inverness
Lot 144
Enchanted lands dragon & one other
Lot 145
Assorted costume jewellery : watches 14 KT rolled gold necklace
Lot 146
Assorted costume watches : Sekonda, Montine, Gossip, Accurist, Limit, Le Chat, Empress
Lot 147
Chinese painted milk glass double gourd snuff bottle
Lot 148
Bag of watches
Lot 150
Vintage lawn golf game with balls, pegs, markers and cast iron Roman numerals
Lot 151
Bag of assorted modern wristwatches
Lot 152
Bag of assorted scrap silver 214 g
Lot 153
2 x boxes of buttons
Lot 154
Vintage kukri with horn handle and scabbard
Lot 160
Double two drawer divan bed
Lot 161
Banburys single drawer divan
Lot 162
Vintage oak frame mirror & frameless mirror
Lot 163
3 x Large modern pictures
Lot 166
19th century pine three drawer dresser
Lot 168

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