June 10th Antique and General

Lot 1
BMW 318 i Reg. L71 YTA car (Dcd estate)
Lot 2
Peugeot car 306 estate T672 BOD (Dcd est.)
Lot 3
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet M84 YTW car (Dcd estate)
Lot 4
Pair of amber earrings 3 g, large faux amber bead,
Lot 5
Costume jewellery
Lot 6
Costume jewellery
Lot 7
Vintage cut glass lustres
Lot 8
Assorted enamel and other badges
Lot 9
Peace medal
Lot 10
Birmingham Peace Celebration Medal 1914 - 1918
Lot 11
1919 Peace Medal Derby
Lot 12
Peace medal 19914 - 1919
Lot 14
Great War Peace Proclaimed 1919 medal
Lot 15
National Commemorative medal 1899 -1900 Transvaal War Medal
Lot 16
Peace medal 1919
Lot 17
Liberation from Germany Occupation 1945 States of Guernsey
Lot 18
Comrades of the Great War enamel badge
Lot 19
1935 National League of Airmen enamelled badge
Lot 20
1918 Anzac Day medal
Lot 21
Burma Star Association enamel badge
Lot 22
Imperial Service badge
Lot 23
Civil Defence Corps enamel badge
Lot 24
Christmas Stocking 1942 medal
Lot 25
Silver ARP badge
Lot 26
Civil Defence Corps enamel badge
Lot 27
RAF Comforts Committee Voluntary Worker enamel badge
Lot 28
Interesting modern green hardstone necklace (labradorite)
Lot 29
2 x beaded hardstone necklaces
Lot 30
20th century jade and blue stone necklace set with single worked gold bead in a Driftwood Gallery box
Lot 31
RAF Comforts Committee Voluntary Worker enamel badge
Lot 32
Silver open link bracelet 30 g
Lot 33
Filled silver trumpet shape spill vase Birm 1970 by A T Cannon 23 cms
Lot 34
Good quality pierced silver trumpet shape vase London 1901 by JB ?165 g
Lot 35
Solid silver Neo Classical sugar bowl Sheffield 1912 by Fordham & Faulkner 281 g
Lot 36
South American silver fork and 19th century silver tea spoon 18 g
Lot 37
RAF enamel badge
Lot 38
Silver pot with no lid Birm 1928 W Neale 32 g
Lot 39
Solid silver sugar tongs London 1899 Josiah Williams & Co. 26 g
Lot 40
WVS Civil Defence enamel badge
Lot 41
Silver anointing style tea spoon Birm. 1931 G Unite & Sons 10 g
Lot 42
Silver trumpet shape spill vase marks rubbed
Lot 43
Good quality silver cruet set including rocket shape pepper pot, open salt with blue glass liner, and mustard pot with matching spoon and blue glass liner Sheffield 1924 by John Turton & Co. 306 g
Lot 44
Solid silver sauce boat on three scalloped pad feet Birm. 1953 Adie Brothers 147 g
Lot 45
Silver pickle fork assay marks rubbed
Lot 46
Solid silver rats tail serving spoon London 1872 WB & Son Ltd 86 g
Lot 47
Royal Army Reserve silver badge
Lot 48
Pair of silver salts with blue glass liners Birm. 1910 Mappin & Webb 52 g
Lot 49
Royal Army Reserve silver badge
Lot 50
Modern silver brooch
Lot 51
Air Training Corps badge