11 August - Antique and General

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale

Lot 458
Box of wool, decorative ware etc.
Lot 459
Assorted pictures, prints and watercolours
Lot 460
2 x boxes of decorative china, glass, figurines etc.
Lot 461
Box of assorted pictures and prints
Lot 462
Chinese resin figures, bird & animal ornaments etc.
Lot 463
Studio pottery : Janice Tchalenko,
Lot 464
Gramophone with brass horn
Lot 465
Japanese lacquer box of crystals, geological collectors interest
Lot 466
Decorative china, vase and cover, Kensington ware tea ware
Lot 467
2 x boxes of 00 guage track
Lot 468
Brass & copper ware : jugs, helmet etc.
Lot 469
Box of Childrens Encyclopedia
Lot 470
2 x boxes of oddments : decorative china etc.
Lot 471
Nest of tables