June 10th Antique and General

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale

Lot 52
Comrades of the Great War stick pin
Lot 53
18 ct gold ring set with a star shape cluster of diamonds in presentation case
Lot 54
Vintage Talis ladies wristwatch in 9 ct gold case with articulated plated strap
Lot 55
Household Brigade The Lawson Cup Medal
Lot 56
Field Marshall Lord Robert - Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs
Lot 57
Scottish Command Inter Unit medal to the Hussars in box
Lot 58
Gibralter Taleverra Boxing medallion
Lot 59
Lowestoft Rifle Club medal
Lot 60
RNTS medal
Lot 61
Hallmarked silver National Federation of Business & Professional Womens CLubs of GB & Ireland Bath Club Past Presidents badge
Lot 62
Hallmarked silver medal in fitted case Trinity College of Music Local Examination 1933
Lot 63
Silver BHL medal
Lot 64
For Empire - Junior Imperial & Constitutional League badge
Lot 65
RNXS badge
Lot 66
For The Forces badge
Lot 67
Air Training Corps badge
Lot 68
British Sailors Society Ladies Guild badge
Lot 69
RAF wings badge
Lot 70
Transport and General Workers Union badge
Lot 71
RMS Queen Elizabeth badge
Lot 72
The Missions to Seamen Honorary Worker
Lot 73
Large Medallion Mercator
Lot 74
Naval medallion Dutch interest ; Koninkluke Nederlandsche Zeil Ein Roeivereeniging (Royal Dutch Sailing Club)
Lot 75
Naval medallion Dutch interest ; Koninkluke Nederlandsche Zeil Ein Roeivereeniging
Lot 76
Naval medallion Dutch interest ; Koninkluke Nederlandsche Zeil Ein Roeivereeniging
Lot 77
Greek Shipping medallion
Lot 78
Medallion Hudson Bay Shipping Company
Lot 79
Vintage buckle and brooch set with marcasites
Lot 80
3 x sailing medallions
Lot 81
Assorted scrap gold including ring stone missing, enamelled photo locket and heart shape locket 7 g & 2 x drilled silver Six pences
Lot 82
Royal Flying Corps badge
Lot 83
Enamel Isle of Man Manx cat badge
Lot 84
Silver and enamelled four flags badge
Lot 85
The Duke of York Medallion
Lot 86
MCC Stratford Walk 21 Miles 1903 medallion
Lot 87
Shipwrecked Fisherman & Mariners Benevolent Society Annual Subscription 1849 Medallion
Lot 88
Recruiting League for King & Empire pin badge
Lot 89
Birmingham War Relief Fund pin
Lot 90
Silver and enamelled Hampshire Badge
Lot 91
29th International Eucharistic Congress Sydney 1928 medal
Lot 92
Co operative Wholesale Society Ltd Jubilee 1863 - 193 medal
Lot 93
Commemorative medal Oranjeboben 1898 - 1923
Lot 94
5 x Army tags
Lot 95
Young Farmers Club medal
Lot 96
Southern Rhodesia Young Farmers Club
Lot 97
Esperanto Linguo Internalia medal
Lot 98
The National Painters Society medal
Lot 99
Bag of RAF buttons
Lot 100
Bag of Lincoln Regiment buttons
Lot 101
Bag of assorted military buttons