June 10th Antique and General

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 204
Lladro Young Clown
Lot 205
Chinese Kang Zi blue and white tea bowl and dish
Lot 206
19th century brass and silver inlaid Middle Eastern powder flask (with damages)
Lot 207
19th century stoneware powder flask by S Green
Lot 208
20th century carved Chinese hardstone teapots
Lot 209
Masonic firing glass
Lot 210
19th century Indo Persian flintlock pistol with silvered metal decoration & emerald in butt
Lot 211
Early 20th century Kukri knife with wooden handle blade length 31 cms overall length 40 cms
Lot 212
Magnifying glass
Lot 213
Antique style compass
Lot 214
Box of silver plated souvenir spoons & glass slides
Lot 215
Album of sparsely filled loosely mounted Churchmans cigarette cards Howlers and other themes included
Lot 216
Della Robbia style vase
Lot 217
Oakley sunglasses and other sunglasses
Lot 219
2 x Airfix models : Lockheed Hudson, Douglas Boston III (boxed not mint )
Lot 220
Royal Doulton Figurine : Kate
Lot 221
Royal Doulton Figurine : Fair Lady
Lot 222
Royal Doulton Figurine : Southern Belle
Lot 223
5 x 19th powder flasks : 3 leather, 1 x brass, 1 x horn
Lot 224
19th century copper jelly mould with crown and S on top
Lot 225
19th century travelling clock with brass case and enamel dial
Lot 226
Early 20th century trinket box realistically modelled as a brass boar with hinged lid, cockerel ornament & scale weights
Lot 227
Early 19th century French brass handle side arm sword dagger
Lot 228
Assorted toy cars
Lot 229
Box of books and maps including vintage Safety Map of England, Barts maps etc.
Lot 231
2 x modern sewing machines
Lot 232
10 shelves of books
Lot 233
Late 19th century corner cupboard
Lot 233A
19th century Scandanavian pine glazed bookcase
Lot 234
Jeans Plus sewing machine & one other
Lot 235
Georgian style large glass with teardrop baluster
Lot 236
Pair of early 20th century hand decorated glass vases converted in lamps
Lot 237
Black and white photograph of Winston Churchill at conference
Lot 238
Shelf of assorted vintage die cast toy cars :Corgi Land Rover, Marcos Volvo, Volkswagon & Star Wars cargo ship etc.
Lot 241
Shelf of vintage die cast toy cars Dinky Massey Harris tractor, Plymouth Plaza, Humber Hawk, Austin Devon, Pressure Fueller Tanker
Lot 242
Box of vintage toy cars military themed
Lot 243
5 x modern watches boxed
Lot 244
Assorted volumes : Sultans Stork, Household of Thomas More, Money, & 2 other shelves of books etc.
Lot 250
5 x boxed watches
Lot 251
Early 20th century bronze figure of naked lady B & SCH
Lot 255
2 x shelves of books
Lot 256
2 x shelves of early 20th century and later vintage lead toy figures : soldiers, farm animals etc.
Lot 257
Assorted vintage childrens toys
Lot 259
6 x shelves of books : including Observer books
Lot 260
4 x folding bookshelves
Lot 261
VIntage oak bureau bookcase
Lot 262
Pine glazed dresser
Lot 263
9 shelves of books
Lot 264
Modern pine glazed dresser
Lot 265
Modelling hand