June 10th Antique and General

Lot 1
BMW 318 i Reg. L71 YTA car (Dcd estate)
Lot 2
Peugeot car 306 estate T672 BOD (Dcd est.)
Lot 3
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet M84 YTW car (Dcd estate)
Lot 4
Pair of amber earrings 3 g, large faux amber bead,
Lot 5
Costume jewellery
Lot 6
Costume jewellery
Lot 7
Vintage cut glass lustres
Lot 8
Assorted enamel and other badges
Lot 9
Peace medal
Lot 10
Birmingham Peace Celebration Medal 1914 - 1918
Lot 11
1919 Peace Medal Derby
Lot 12
Peace medal 19914 - 1919
Lot 14
Great War Peace Proclaimed 1919 medal
Lot 15
National Commemorative medal 1899 -1900 Transvaal War Medal
Lot 16
Peace medal 1919
Lot 17
Liberation from Germany Occupation 1945 States of Guernsey
Lot 18
Comrades of the Great War enamel badge
Lot 19
1935 National League of Airmen enamelled badge
Lot 20
1918 Anzac Day medal
Lot 21
Burma Star Association enamel badge
Lot 22
Imperial Service badge
Lot 23
Civil Defence Corps enamel badge
Lot 24
Christmas Stocking 1942 medal
Lot 25
Silver ARP badge
Lot 26
Civil Defence Corps enamel badge
Lot 27
RAF Comforts Committee Voluntary Worker enamel badge
Lot 28
Interesting modern green hardstone necklace (labradorite)
Lot 29
2 x beaded hardstone necklaces
Lot 30
20th century jade and blue stone necklace set with single worked gold bead in a Driftwood Gallery box
Lot 31
RAF Comforts Committee Voluntary Worker enamel badge
Lot 32
Silver open link bracelet 30 g
Lot 33
Filled silver trumpet shape spill vase Birm 1970 by A T Cannon 23 cms
Lot 34
Good quality pierced silver trumpet shape vase London 1901 by JB ?165 g
Lot 35
Solid silver Neo Classical sugar bowl Sheffield 1912 by Fordham & Faulkner 281 g
Lot 36
South American silver fork and 19th century silver tea spoon 18 g
Lot 37
RAF enamel badge
Lot 38
Silver pot with no lid Birm 1928 W Neale 32 g
Lot 39
Solid silver sugar tongs London 1899 Josiah Williams & Co. 26 g
Lot 40
WVS Civil Defence enamel badge
Lot 41
Silver anointing style tea spoon Birm. 1931 G Unite & Sons 10 g
Lot 42
Silver trumpet shape spill vase marks rubbed
Lot 43
Good quality silver cruet set including rocket shape pepper pot, open salt with blue glass liner, and mustard pot with matching spoon and blue glass liner Sheffield 1924 by John Turton & Co. 306 g
Lot 44
Solid silver sauce boat on three scalloped pad feet Birm. 1953 Adie Brothers 147 g
Lot 45
Silver pickle fork assay marks rubbed
Lot 46
Solid silver rats tail serving spoon London 1872 WB & Son Ltd 86 g
Lot 47
Royal Army Reserve silver badge
Lot 48
Pair of silver salts with blue glass liners Birm. 1910 Mappin & Webb 52 g
Lot 49
Royal Army Reserve silver badge
Lot 50
Modern silver brooch
Lot 51
Air Training Corps badge

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale

Lot 52
Comrades of the Great War stick pin
Lot 53
18 ct gold ring set with a star shape cluster of diamonds in presentation case
Lot 54
Vintage Talis ladies wristwatch in 9 ct gold case with articulated plated strap
Lot 55
Household Brigade The Lawson Cup Medal
Lot 56
Field Marshall Lord Robert - Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs
Lot 57
Scottish Command Inter Unit medal to the Hussars in box
Lot 58
Gibralter Taleverra Boxing medallion
Lot 59
Lowestoft Rifle Club medal
Lot 60
RNTS medal
Lot 61
Hallmarked silver National Federation of Business & Professional Womens CLubs of GB & Ireland Bath Club Past Presidents badge
Lot 62
Hallmarked silver medal in fitted case Trinity College of Music Local Examination 1933
Lot 63
Silver BHL medal
Lot 64
For Empire - Junior Imperial & Constitutional League badge
Lot 65
RNXS badge
Lot 66
For The Forces badge
Lot 67
Air Training Corps badge
Lot 68
British Sailors Society Ladies Guild badge
Lot 69
RAF wings badge
Lot 70
Transport and General Workers Union badge
Lot 71
RMS Queen Elizabeth badge
Lot 72
The Missions to Seamen Honorary Worker
Lot 73
Large Medallion Mercator
Lot 74
Naval medallion Dutch interest ; Koninkluke Nederlandsche Zeil Ein Roeivereeniging (Royal Dutch Sailing Club)
Lot 75
Naval medallion Dutch interest ; Koninkluke Nederlandsche Zeil Ein Roeivereeniging
Lot 76
Naval medallion Dutch interest ; Koninkluke Nederlandsche Zeil Ein Roeivereeniging
Lot 77
Greek Shipping medallion
Lot 78
Medallion Hudson Bay Shipping Company
Lot 79
Vintage buckle and brooch set with marcasites
Lot 80
3 x sailing medallions
Lot 81
Assorted scrap gold including ring stone missing, enamelled photo locket and heart shape locket 7 g & 2 x drilled silver Six pences
Lot 82
Royal Flying Corps badge
Lot 83
Enamel Isle of Man Manx cat badge
Lot 84
Silver and enamelled four flags badge
Lot 85
The Duke of York Medallion
Lot 86
MCC Stratford Walk 21 Miles 1903 medallion
Lot 87
Shipwrecked Fisherman & Mariners Benevolent Society Annual Subscription 1849 Medallion
Lot 88
Recruiting League for King & Empire pin badge
Lot 89
Birmingham War Relief Fund pin
Lot 90
Silver and enamelled Hampshire Badge
Lot 91
29th International Eucharistic Congress Sydney 1928 medal
Lot 92
Co operative Wholesale Society Ltd Jubilee 1863 - 193 medal
Lot 93
Commemorative medal Oranjeboben 1898 - 1923
Lot 94
5 x Army tags
Lot 95
Young Farmers Club medal
Lot 96
Southern Rhodesia Young Farmers Club
Lot 97
Esperanto Linguo Internalia medal
Lot 98
The National Painters Society medal
Lot 99
Bag of RAF buttons
Lot 100
Bag of Lincoln Regiment buttons
Lot 101
Bag of assorted military buttons

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale

Lot 102
Norvil Footfitters Fitter Feet Club badge
Lot 103
Bag of military pips and badges etc.
Lot 104
Hornby Railway Club badge
Lot 105
Bag of silver and other necklaces, gold plated and amethyst necklace etc.
Lot 106
3 x modern new necklaces in boxes of issue : 1 silver and glass beads, 1 x unmarked gold and glass beads & 1 other
Lot 107
Noddy Club badge
Lot 108
3 x badges ; 2 x Manns & one Courage (breweriana interest)
Lot 109
Large amount of strung pearls
Lot 110
7 x Boy Scout badges
Lot 111
7 x Girl Guide badges
Lot 112
6 x British Legion badges
Lot 113
5 x enamelled British Legion badges
Lot 114
3 x enamelled British Legion badges
Lot 115
4 x enamelled British Legion Womens Section badges
Lot 116
4 x enamelled British Legion Womens Section badges
Lot 117
1 x enamelled British Legion Womens Section badge
Lot 118
Bag of assorted costume jewellery including necklace beads, necklaces, bangles etc.
Lot 119
Box of costume jewellery
Lot 120
Vintage graduated pearl necklace with silver and marcasite clasp
Lot 121
Aviation Archive Ltd. Edition Avro Vulcan B.2 (boxed, mis type actually 1:44 scale)
Lot 122
18 ct white gold ring set with diamonds and single pearl in presentation box
Lot 123
Antique shell brooch mounted in unmarked gold coloured metal
Lot 124
Bag of assorted rolled gold item including bracelet bangle etc.
Lot 125
Silver medallion : 1928 Heathfield & District Horticultural Society
Lot 126
11 early 20th century postcards, all with Royalty interest some cards are bas relief issues
Lot 127
5 x early 20th century postcards, Ottery St Mary & Sidmouth interest, condition varies
Lot 128
Beer Head & Crediton cattle fair as a part of a collection of 35 early 20th century postcards all with South West interest
Lot 129
Castle St Hostel (tennis court) & Charmouth Street, approx 27 other vintage English & Irish postcards
Lot 130
Funeral of General Buller and Poor Billey & 14 further postcards sometimes having a social history interest
Lot 131
In excess of 80 early 20th century postcards, British and foreign, multi thematic, comic cards, London interest, sentimental subjects and shipping interest through out
Lot 132
Multi thematic modern postcards
Lot 133
Postcards : Bodinock (Fowey), Dunster (Market House & Castle), Henderson St East (Bridge of Allan), Luxulva Village, Market Square Hitchin & Woolacombe Bay, 24 further early 20th century postcards
Lot 134
500 early and clean postcards in a well filled contemporary album , British and foreign
Lot 135
Avonmouth Road (Avonmouth), British Heroes at Brighton Grammar School (Sept. 1914), Gerrans Village, Kingston Hill, Lands End, Sennen, Post Office & Square (Riverhead), & 29 further good vintage cards
Lot 136
77 early 20th century postcards in a damaged contempory album, the cards often depict UK holiday destinations
Lot 137
Silver plated and cut glass cruet, table salts etc.
Lot 138
Vinyl : Leadbelly MLP 512
Lot 139
Box of silver plated cutlery
Lot 140
Silver cigarette box with wooden liner London Atkin Brothers 1936
Lot 141
Solid silver cigarette case Birm. 1915 Cohen & Charles 137 g
Lot 142
Assorted vintage pens
Lot 143
9 ct gold watch chain 20 g & odd costume jewellery pairs of vintage lorgnette
Lot 144
Solid silver cigarette case Birm. 1946 W J Myatt & Co. 50 g
Lot 145
Faux crocodile skin silver rimmed cigar box London 1914 and 2 x cheroot holders in cases
Lot 146
Cut glass Art Deco style scent bottle
Lot 147
Tin of costume jewellery
Lot 148
Tin of costume jewellery
Lot 149
Vintage Meccano in cardboard box : 2 A, 3 A, 4 A, and oddments
Lot 150
Assorted collectors enamel boxes and posy ornaments
Lot 151
Art Deco style cut glass scent bottle

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 152
Cut glass Art Deco style black and clear glass scent bottle
Lot 153
Gents pocket watch in presentation box
Lot 154
1900 gold half sovereign mounted as a pendant on plated watch chain
Lot 155
Pair of silver ladles Exeter 1857 Josiah Williams & Co. 125 g
Lot 156
Scrap silver items Tyg loving cup, tea spoons etc.
Lot 157
2 x Chinese blue and white snuff bottles
Lot 158
Silver serviette rings different assay offices and makers & dates 60 g & plated flat ware
Lot 159
Silver ring inset with mother of pearl in presentation case
Lot 160
Assorted pictures , oils on canvas, Sheep in the Barn, Horse, still life & fire screen etc.
Lot 161
Vintage prints in oak frames : 1 x signed by Henry John Yeend King in pencil Farmyard Scene, Heyward Hardy Children with Dog & one other unsigned Child With Dog
Lot 162
Early 20th century oak case wall clock
Lot 163
2 x Francis Kyle Gallery Exhibition prints signed by exhibiting artists Paul Hogarth & F&G
Lot 164
Early 20th century Japanese embroidery of Country Landscape with River in oak frame
Lot 165
Flat screen television
Lot 166
Aquos flat screen television
Lot 167
Vintage Dual HS 31 turntable & speakers
Lot 168
Box of oddments including Murano glass fish etc.
Lot 169
Assorted vintage blue and white willow pattern and Delft china, chargers, jugs, tureens etc.
Lot 170
Box of oddments including presentation case of butter knives, dog nutcrackers, 19th century brass candlesticks
Lot 171
19th century elm seated milking stool and one other, & Vintage Japanese lacquer spice box
Lot 172
Assorted pictures and prints watercolours, gouaches, vintage oak frame mirror & one other etc.
Lot 173
Box of fishing reels
Lot 174
Angle poise lamp, car spares, hammer drill etc.
Lot 175
Electric food slicer (boxed)
Lot 176
2 x standard lamps
Lot 177
Pen and ink study of Quebec street scene by Nikola 1971
Lot 178
Box of oddments including 19th century brass candlestick, paraffin lamp etc.
Lot 179
4 x boxes of fishing floats and equipment (new and sealed)
Lot 180
Box of collectors dolls, telephone etc.
Lot 181
7 x boxes of china glass ornaments, childs games etc.
Lot 182
3 x boxes of tools & oddments etc.
Lot 183
Nest of reproduction tables
Lot 184
Box of oddments enamel ware etc.
Lot 185
Silver plated ware
Lot 186
Early 20th century German cuckoo clock
Lot 187
Michael Bland signed drum stick, drum stick is broken and glued together (Drummer with Prince & The New Power Generation ) in display cabinet with contemporary print
Lot 188
Pair of blue and white Chinese vases
Lot 189
Harlequin pair of Chinese blue and white Kang zi vases with lids (with damages)
Lot 190
Vintage style wooden advertising box
Lot 191
Cast iron sign Private
Lot 192
Cast iron sign Beware of the Wife
Lot 193
Cast iron sign Beware of the Children
Lot 194
Cast iron sign Beware of the Dog
Lot 195
Cast iron sign Beware of the Cat
Lot 196
3 x jewellers loupes
Lot 197
Desk bell
Lot 198
19th century stone ware John Gilpin jug
Lot 199
Early 20th century brass figure group of Hare on a leaf in the style of Bergman
Lot 202
Royal Doulton figures : Valerie & Penny
Lot 203
Royal Copenhagen figure of Pan

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 204
Lladro Young Clown
Lot 205
Chinese Kang Zi blue and white tea bowl and dish
Lot 206
19th century brass and silver inlaid Middle Eastern powder flask (with damages)
Lot 207
19th century stoneware powder flask by S Green
Lot 208
20th century carved Chinese hardstone teapots
Lot 209
Masonic firing glass
Lot 210
19th century Indo Persian flintlock pistol with silvered metal decoration & emerald in butt
Lot 211
Early 20th century Kukri knife with wooden handle blade length 31 cms overall length 40 cms
Lot 212
Magnifying glass
Lot 213
Antique style compass
Lot 214
Box of silver plated souvenir spoons & glass slides
Lot 215
Album of sparsely filled loosely mounted Churchmans cigarette cards Howlers and other themes included
Lot 216
Della Robbia style vase
Lot 217
Oakley sunglasses and other sunglasses
Lot 219
2 x Airfix models : Lockheed Hudson, Douglas Boston III (boxed not mint )
Lot 220
Royal Doulton Figurine : Kate
Lot 221
Royal Doulton Figurine : Fair Lady
Lot 222
Royal Doulton Figurine : Southern Belle
Lot 223
5 x 19th powder flasks : 3 leather, 1 x brass, 1 x horn
Lot 224
19th century copper jelly mould with crown and S on top
Lot 225
19th century travelling clock with brass case and enamel dial
Lot 226
Early 20th century trinket box realistically modelled as a brass boar with hinged lid, cockerel ornament & scale weights
Lot 227
Early 19th century French brass handle side arm sword dagger
Lot 228
Assorted toy cars
Lot 229
Box of books and maps including vintage Safety Map of England, Barts maps etc.
Lot 231
2 x modern sewing machines
Lot 232
10 shelves of books
Lot 233
Late 19th century corner cupboard
Lot 233A
19th century Scandanavian pine glazed bookcase
Lot 234
Jeans Plus sewing machine & one other
Lot 235
Georgian style large glass with teardrop baluster
Lot 236
Pair of early 20th century hand decorated glass vases converted in lamps
Lot 237
Black and white photograph of Winston Churchill at conference
Lot 238
Shelf of assorted vintage die cast toy cars :Corgi Land Rover, Marcos Volvo, Volkswagon & Star Wars cargo ship etc.
Lot 241
Shelf of vintage die cast toy cars Dinky Massey Harris tractor, Plymouth Plaza, Humber Hawk, Austin Devon, Pressure Fueller Tanker
Lot 242
Box of vintage toy cars military themed
Lot 243
5 x modern watches boxed
Lot 244
Assorted volumes : Sultans Stork, Household of Thomas More, Money, & 2 other shelves of books etc.
Lot 250
5 x boxed watches
Lot 251
Early 20th century bronze figure of naked lady B & SCH
Lot 255
2 x shelves of books
Lot 256
2 x shelves of early 20th century and later vintage lead toy figures : soldiers, farm animals etc.
Lot 257
Assorted vintage childrens toys
Lot 259
6 x shelves of books : including Observer books
Lot 260
4 x folding bookshelves
Lot 261
VIntage oak bureau bookcase
Lot 262
Pine glazed dresser
Lot 263
9 shelves of books
Lot 264
Modern pine glazed dresser
Lot 265
Modelling hand

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 266
Pottery phrenology head
Lot 267
Palmistry hand
Lot 268
Amethyst glass skull
Lot 269
Antique style desk telescope
Lot 270
Chinese gilded carved wooden temple panel 23 cms x 24 cms
Lot 271
Antique style desk magnifier
Lot 272
Antique style blue and white jardiniere / wine cooler
Lot 273
Painted folding bookshelves
Lot 274
Georgian oak chest on chest
Lot 275
19th century longcase clock with painted face 30 hour movement by Pill of Tetbury
Lot 276
3 x folding open bookshelves
Lot 277
Modern pine towel rail and pedestal
Lot 278
Oak dresser top
Lot 279
Assorted rugs
Lot 280
3 x wall paper pasting tables
Lot 281
Metal garage cabinet
Lot 282
Victorian carved oak sideboard with Green Man decoration
Lot 283
Vintage bicycle
Lot 284
Pair of terracotta square shape garden planters
Lot 285
Assorted composite garden statues and pots
Lot 286
Large composite stone planter & contents
Lot 287
Pair of composite stone garden planters
Lot 288
Vintage oak sideboard
Lot 289
Vintage oak dresser
Lot 290
Reproduction coal hod
Lot 291
2 x vintage butter dishes & 2 x tins
Lot 292
Toby jugs : Enoch Wood Jolly Porter (restored head)
Lot 293
3 x boxes of oddments, photo frames, fun tattooes (new bagged and sealed)
Lot 294
Open oak bookshelves
Lot 295
Shelves of books
Lot 296
Assorted pictures and prints
Lot 297
Vintage angle poise lamp
Lot 298
Zanussi fridge
Lot 299
Composite stone planter
Lot 300
Metal 3 drawer filing cabinet
Lot 301
Vintage Biere Blond illuminated advertising sign
Lot 302
Vintage enamel lamp
Lot 304
2 x wooden Surf Rider boogie boards & white board
Lot 305
Wine fridge
Lot 306
Pair of 20th century Chinese hardwood hanging shelves
Lot 307
Optima 1400 washing machine
Lot 308
Bosch washing machine
Lot 309
Stihl MS 170 chainsaw (spares repairs) & cutting guide
Lot 310
Antique pine glazed dresser top
Lot 311
Flat screen television, radio, coal helmet
Lot 312
Parkinson Cowan gas cooker & wall heater
Lot 313
Vintage fan
Lot 314
Vintage Revo 808 cooker
Lot 315
Large assortment of garden tools and warming pans
Lot 316
Vintage copper pitcher and wooden vase

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 317
2 x brass anchors, bill hook etc.
Lot 318
Box of DVDs
Lot 319
Cast iron Hudsons soap puppy drinker
Lot 320
Assorted vintage suitcases & hamper
Lot 321
Box of assorted woodworking tools
Lot 322
Angle grinders, oil cans etc.
Lot 323
Box of assorted hand tools
Lot 324
19th century Chinese watercolour on silk of Bird of Prey signed F&G 69 cms x 54 cms
Lot 325
Vintage oak case 30 hour wall clock
Lot 326
20th century watercolour Country Landscape with Farm 24 cms x 33 cms F&G & one other
Lot 328
Box of cutlery
Lot 329
Polished travertine sculpture on wooden stand
Lot 330
Vintage water / milk can & odd tools
Lot 331
Vax cleaner & attatchments
Lot 332
2 x Boxes of oddments
Lot 333
2 x boxes of tools, jerry cans etc.
Lot 334
2 x boxes of oddments
Lot 335
Vintage sewing box
Lot 336
2 x boxes of oddments
Lot 337
2 x vintage spirit cans
Lot 338
Hoover upright cleaner & saw bench
Lot 340
19th century water colours signed by Henry Earp Senior Cattle Resting & Cattle at a Pond F&G 16 cms x 26 cms & box of books
Lot 341
Early 20th century watercolour still life
Lot 342
20th century hand painted Heraldic arms for Ottery St Mary British Legion 1968 (local interest)
Lot 343
Arts & Crafts hall stand with mirror back beaten repousse wok copper panel in the Liberty style
Lot 344
Assorted naive oils on board : Margaret Veillard, R Cody and others
Lot 345
Vintage Bush radio
Lot 346
Fishing rods
Lot 347
Plated duck head walking stick
Lot 348
Large modern abstract oil on board
Lot 349
Assorted pictures prints, watercolours, etchings
Lot 350
Pair of large black and white photographs of American Bridges
Lot 351
Metal wall plaque of Volkswagen camper van
Lot 355
Assorted furniture : 7 x glass top coffee tables, bookshelves
Lot 356
Vintage advertising pine crates
Lot 357
Pair of modern hardwood coffee tables
Lot 358
Vintage oak sideboard
Lot 359
Vintage oak gate leg table
Lot 360
20th century naive oil on canvas
Lot 361
Pair of 18th century provincial dining chairs and other country chairs
Lot 362
2 x boxes of new oddments : photo albums, candles : new boxed and sealed
Lot 363
4 x boxes of china glass & oddments
Lot 364
Box of treen including barometer
Lot 365
Box of china glass & oddments
Lot 366
Early 19th century longcase clock movement with painted face
Lot 368
Edwardian mahogany dressing table, teak glazed bookshelves, trolley, Gibbs bedside cabinet
Lot 369
3 x Retro Italian designer cane seated dining chairs / bar stools
Lot 370
Assorted furniture : string seated chair & stool, teak bookshelves, bedside table, china display cabinet
Lot 371
Modern hardwood coffee table
Lot 372
Multi drop centre light fitment

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 373
Retro G Plan cabinet with fall front
Lot 374
Carved soapstone figure group Eagle Fighting Eagle
Lot 375
Capo Di Monte figure group
Lot 377
4 x retro kitchen bar stools (for re upholstery only contra to 1988 fire regs.) & pine kitchen stool
Lot 378
Edwardian mahogany octagonal table
Lot 379
Case of insects (CITES approved)
Lot 380
Vintage pedestal torchere
Lot 381
Box of brassware and oddments
Lot 382
Victorian mahogany pembroke table
Lot 384
Modern hardwood sideboard & light beech occasional table
Lot 385
VIntage stool, bookshelves x 2, nest of table, barley twist table, trolley etc.
Lot 386
Box of assorted toy cars
Lot 387
Case of assorted DVDs & CDs
Lot 388
Vintage oak dressing table & vintage wooden frame chair & settee
Lot 389
Telescopic centre light fitment
Lot 390
Pine patio set & fire screen
Lot 391
Vintage enamel top single drawer cupboard
Lot 391A
Box of toy cars
Lot 392
Painted pine corner hanging cupboard
Lot 393
Painted dressing table
Lot 394
Pair of Ercol style chairs
Lot 395
Sorrento Homebase Barbeque set (boxed)
Lot 396
Retro teak G Plan style large coffee table, leather footstool, glazed bookshelves
Lot 397
Antique milking stool
Lot 398
Vintage glazed oak barley twist china display cabinet
Lot 399
Pair of vintage stripped Ercol low seated chairs
Lot 400
Pair of teak office tambour front cabinets, leather footstool, glazed bookshelves
Lot 401
Vintage style painted advertising sign : Esso
Lot 402
Vintage style painted advertising sign : Castrol
Lot 403
Vintage style painted advertising sign : Dependable Service
Lot 404
Vintage style painted advertising sign : Shell
Lot 405
Vintage Chinese camphorwood chest
Lot 406
Metal patio set
Lot 407
2 x boxes of oddments
Lot 408
Vintage oak court cupboard
Lot 409
Modern painted MDF radiator cover
Lot 410
Pair of vintage leaded & glazed windows
Lot 410A
Box of pictures, watercolours including late 19th century marine scene J Bull Off Hollyhead etc.
Lot 411
Assorted car parts & china glass & oddments
Lot 412
Glazed collectors cabinet
Lot 413
19th century mahogany nest of drawers
Lot 414
Modern Avant metal patio set including 6 x dining chairs and dining table
Lot 415
3 x boxes of oddments, dolls, china glass oddments, pictures and prints etc.
Lot 416
Cut glassware, glass decanters etc.
Lot 417
Modern reproduction yew wood lap dining table
Lot 418
Vintage Ercol stick back chair
Lot 419
Large Melba china horse and one other
Lot 420
Edwardian inlaid mahogany chest of drawers
Lot 421
Nest of three 19th century mahogany drawers
Lot 422
19th century mantle clock in mahogany case with fusee movement

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 423
Ercol nest of tables
Lot 424
19th century elm seated milking stool, & vintage copper saucepan
Lot 425
Set of four leather seated vintage oak framed dining chairs
Lot 426
Vintage oak barley twist gate leg table
Lot 427
2 x vintage Tilley type paraffin lamps
Lot 428
Canteen of cutlery & presentation case of fisheaters
Lot 429
Model of travelling bow top wagon
Lot 430
Modern circular pine dining table
Lot 431
Pine single drawer swing mirror
Lot 432
Box of treen
Lot 433
Vintage oak blanket box
Lot 434
Retro extending formica top dining table with four side chairs (chairs do not comply with 1988 fire regs. for re upholstery only)
Lot 435
Swedish pottery soup and dinner service by Hoganas Keramik
Lot 436
Box of assorted DVDs
Lot 437
Box of oddments
Lot 438
Victorian mahogany breakfast table with lap top, baluster shape central pedestal, quatreform platform base
Lot 438A
Chinese blue and white vase, fishing bouy and other vases
Lot 439
Box of assorted telephones
Lot 440
19th century linenfold oak commode
Lot 441
Ercol nest of tables
Lot 442
Assorted decorative ware including Bohemia Glass dish, White Cristal Italian decanter, Beswick urn, Chameleon ware vase
Lot 443
Retro G Plan teak cabinet with fall front
Lot 444
Plated bottle coaster, Portugese wine bucket, table cloths, wash bowl set, 2 x pictures by Morley
Lot 445
Vintage industrial chic pine bakers proving cabinet with fitted interior
Lot 446
Colin Melbourne designed Beswick vase
Lot 447
Studio pottery vase John Leach ? & Axminster Pottery fish decorated bowl
Lot 448
Antique painted twin pedestal desk
Lot 449
Box of decorative ware including silver plated bonbonier , brass ware, books etc.
Lot 450
Early 20th century mantle clock with painted face
Lot 451
Vintage Ensign Carbine No 4 camera
Lot 453
Set of 4 x William IV mahogany sabre leg dining chairs with cane seats
Lot 454
Vintage Singer sewing machine in case
Lot 455
Vintage canteen of cutlery
Lot 456
Victorian mahogany pier cabinet
Lot 457
Rare Lladro figure group Three Ladies (with damages)
Lot 458
Set of four Edwardian dining chairs
Lot 459
Victorian mahogany splashback washstand
Lot 460
Vintage Oertling balance scales
Lot 460A
Vintage decorative Noritake tea set, glass ware, pottery fruit bowl
Lot 461
Reproduction bureau, pedestal, oak jardiniere, stool
Lot 462
Box of assorted brassware
Lot 463
Vintage oak sewing box, trolley, bagatelle & Soccatelle boards & canterbury
Lot 463A
3 x volume The Great War I Was There by Hammerton
Lot 463B
Early 20th century pink and white tea set and Wedgwood jasperware dishes
Lot 464
Single Volume British Traveller 1790
Lot 465
Blue and white antique style umbrella stand
Lot 466
Vintage Royal sewing machine in case
Lot 467
Decorative china, Doulton Bunnykins dish, horse ornaments etc.
Lot 468
Boxes of books
Lot 469
Royal Worcester Evesham Vale dinner service

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 471
Doulton dinner service, Chinese brass dish, poster prints etc.
Lot 472
Decorative china including Staffordshire dogs, tea ware etc.
Lot 473
Vintage ebony and other dressing table sets ; brushes, clock, mirror, manicure set etc.
Lot 474
Box of DVDs
Lot 476
Victorian inlaid work box
Lot 477
Decorative china glass & oddments, knitmaster machine & box of china glass & oddments
Lot 478
Box of drink whisky, wine etc.
Lot 479
Early 20th century Columbia Grafonola
Lot 480
Military issue large screwdriver by Tyzack 1945
Lot 481
Antique Sino Tibetan vase with silvered metal decoration
Lot 482
Early 20th century rosewood cased mantle clock
Lot 483
Art Nouveau style mirror
Lot 484
Assorted cut glass decanters
Lot 485
Decorative Simpson Ironstone dinner service
Lot 486
4 x boxes of china glass & oddments
Lot 488
Manicure set, opera glasses etc.
Lot 489
Lexmark printer etc.
Lot 490
Box of brass and copper ware
Lot 491
Commemorative magazines
Lot 492
Vintage Colclough ivy pattern tea set
Lot 493
Edwardian inlaid mantle clock
Lot 494
Box of cutlery
Lot 495
Decorative china including Wolfscastle studio pottery jug, Arts & Crafts Tourne Pottery jug, Barum Pottery Winking Cat ornament
Lot 497
Pictures & prints, mirror etc.
Lot 498
Early 19th century Wedgwood vine and leaf pattern wine cooler / footbath
Lot 499
2 x yacht ornaments
Lot 500
Rare late 19th century Continental figures modelled as tennis players
Lot 501
decorative tea ware
Lot 502
Edwardian wall clock
Lot 504
2 x boxes of records
Lot 505
Early 20th century music box in an inlaid rosewood case with marquetry decoration comb intact
Lot 506
Retro hand decorated tiles
Lot 507
Records : Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman (ILPS 9135 gatefold pink label),Spike Marlin SOC 915, Jack Hammer W 2014 (USA import)
Lot 508
Assorted collectable dragon ornaments
Lot 509
Victorian brass bound walnut writing slope
Lot 510
Rare and unusual early 19th century cream ware Dillwyn Pottery (Swansea) well and tree charger (Welsh interest)
Lot 510A
Box of DVDs
Lot 511
Edwardian inlaid mahogany mantle clock
Lot 513
5 x boxes of oddments catapults sealed and bagged, kitchen ware, CDs etc.
Lot 514
Pictures and prints
Lot 515
7 x boxes of books
Lot 516
Assorted horse ornaments
Lot 517
Hornby 00 guage track and rolling stock
Lot 518
Decorative ornaments
Lot 519
Vintage Chinese lacquered and decorated jewellery box
Lot 520
Box of Ladybird & Observer books
Lot 521
Carlton ware Orbit pattern tea ware
Lot 522
Vintage Decca 66 wind up gramophone
Lot 522A
Vintage oak frame mirror and other pictures and prints
Lot 523
Bisque figures & other decorative china etc.

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 524
Vintage oak case mantle clock
Lot 525
Vintage silver plated champagne bucket
Lot 526
Early 20th century spit (kitchenalia interest)
Lot 527
Silver top decanter, and others
Lot 528
Bronzed metal Buddha ornament
Lot 529
Bronzed metal Golfer ornament
Lot 530
Vintage gramophone brass horn
Lot 531
Royal Doulton Caprice dinner service
Lot 532
Vintage sewing machine and typewriter
Lot 533
2 x boxes of books : Hunting shooting fishing interest
Lot 534
Vintage record player
Lot 535
Vintage Singer sewing machine
Lot 536
Vintage Dynatron record player
Lot 537
Glazed collectors cabinet
Lot 538
Vintage clarinet in case
Lot 539
Box of bomb detonators WW II period
Lot 540
Bronzed metal dog inkwell
Lot 541
Lilliput Lane and other cottage ornaments
Lot 542
Box of vintage Meccano
Lot 543
Boxes of books
Lot 544
Vintage painted beer sign
Lot 545
10ct gold rimmed walking stick and silver bound walking stick
Lot 546
Decorative china including tea set and commemorative ware