March 28st Antique Vintage and Fine Art

Lot 1
Orrefors glass decanter, Swarovski swan six cut and etched glass tumblers, and water jug
Lot 1A
Assorted glassware including etched decanter, biscuit barrel, vase & jug etc.
Lot 1B
Cut glass fruit bowl
Lot 2
Monart green glass vase with gold flecks 20cms x 14 cms
Lot 3
Vintage enamelled glass vase, cockerel cocktail glasses and one other vase
Lot 4
Assorted cranberry glass jugs, decanter etc. (6 pieces)
Lot 5
Assorted decorative glassware
Lot 6
Early 20th century amythst glass vase
Lot 7
8 x clear glass water tumblers with cut glass decoration
Lot 8
Early 20th century cut and etched Art Nouveau style vase with floral decoration
Lot 9
Cut green glass ovoid shaped vase with cut and etched lilly decoration
Lot 10
Assorted 19th century and later cut glass cordial and wine glasses ( 10 pieces)
Lot 11
Cut glass fruit bowl
Lot 12
Cranberry and clear glass crimped vase, cranberry glass and ruby glass (5 pieces)
Lot 13
Loetz Mimosa blue crackle vase 20 cms x 10 cms (some rim chipping)
Lot 14
Pair of Victorian black glass vases decorated with Robins and Flowers
Lot 15
Cut glass decanter and glass
Lot 16
Small collection of 20th century coloured glass (8 pieces) ( cream coloured trough withdrawn)
Lot 17
19 th century Bohemian clear and ruby cut glass scent bottle, ruby & lustre glass vase, 2 x Murano style baskets
Lot 18
3 x pieces of carnival glass, 2 x dishes 1 x stem vase (two in plum) & pair of cut glass Scottish thistle vases
Lot 19
Boda Afors blue glass vase with label
Lot 20
Cut cranberry glass cigarette holder ( one small chip)
Lot 21
Whitefriars glass coffin vase in pewter colour by Geoffrey Baxter pattern No 9686 (remains of paper label underneath)
Lot 22
French 19th century wash bowl with early repairs
Lot 23
Wedgwood Beatrix collectors plate and barometer
Lot 24
Early Honiton pottery fruit bowl decorated with flowers
Lot 25
Vintage Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teaware 8 setting (35 pieces) including cake plate
Lot 26
Pair of 19th century Staffordshire dogs
Lot 27
Pair of 19 th century Staffordshire flatback Figure group clocks Flora Macdonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie
Lot 28
19th century stoneware and pewter lidded jug
Lot 29
Robert Tinnyunt studio pottery bowl, Wade, Limoges, Masons Ironstone etc.
Lot 29A
Modern white & gilt dinner service
Lot 30
Assorted decorative tea cups including Noritake, Minton etc.
Lot 31
West German lava jug, & dishes ( 3 pieces)
Lot 32
Gien decorative china tea and dinner ware (36 pieces)
Lot 32A
3 advertising stoneware cider barrels Ash & Sons Davenport, Hawkin & Co. Davenport Parker of Liskeard
Lot 33
Blue and white dish, Royal Doulton fruit bowl and other decorative china etc.
Lot 34
Aynsley bird of paradise dish and urn, 19th century green & white tureen, Ltd edition Paramount Classics Jubilee collection blue, white & gilt vase and lid
Lot 35
Vintage Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea ware including teapots, cake stand milk jugs etc. (30 pieces)
Lot 36
Assorted studio pottery including Muchelney , Cricket St. Thomas, etc.
Lot 37
Vintage Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern part tea set 8 setting (47 pieces ) incl 2 x teapots
Lot 38
Box of assorted china
Lot 39
Decorative china including Masons Regency pattern coffee cups and saucers, Minton Haddon Hall and other decorative china
Lot 40
Doulton stoneware vase, pepper pot and mustard pot, blue and white bowl
Lot 41
Vintage Royal Albert Old Country Roses teaware 8 setting (34 pieces) including cake plate and butter dish
Lot 42
Royal Worcester figure of a boy depicting Greece by F G Doughty RW 3069, Beswick Shire horse and 20th century firing glasses
Lot 43
Pair of 19th century green glaze majolica leaf dishes
Lot 43A
Comical figure of a old lady in bikini
Lot 44
Royal Doulton figurine of The Old Balloon Seller HN1315
Lot 45
19th century figure of gentleman with a basket Gold Anchor mark Samson ( some damage to bocage )