16th May Antique and General

Lot 1
Box of costume jewellery including rings bracelets, stainless steel Parker pen etc.
Lot 2
Timor Gents wristwatch & silver case vintage watch & one other & gold plated ear studs
Lot 3
Assorted books of military interest
Lot 4
Comitti mahogany case mantle clock
Lot 5
Pair of 19th century gilded plates
Lot 6
Scent bottle
Lot 7
Small sextant
Lot 8
Continental style bather ornament
Lot 9
Late 19th century Japanese stem vase with painted enamelled decoration depicting a stork
Lot 10
2 x Chinese Song style vases
Lot 11
2 x South East Asian root carvings
Lot 12
Continental style bather ornament
Lot 13
Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh series figure Kanga
Lot 14
Box of assorted watches (boxed as new)
Lot 15
2 x matchboxes of specimen rocks including opals etc.
Lot 16
Brass marching compass
Lot 17
Silver metal coin dish
Lot 18
Chinese silver metal bangle
Lot 19
Silver crucifix & medallion on chain
Lot 20
Box of costume jewellery in calfskin case including ladies evening watch
Lot 21
Box of costume jewellery in wooden casket including gents wristwatch
Lot 22
Nickel plated pin cushion of a pig
Lot 23
Assorted modern gents wristwatches including fob watch
Lot 24
Box of oddments including clock key, AA badge, vintage car tax disc holder etc.
Lot 25
Silver mounted trophy stand Sheffield 1906 James Dixon & Sons
Lot 25A
Army style pocket knives
Lot 26
Assorted silver flatware, different assay offices & dates & makers 313 g including weight of bone handles
Lot 27
Maria Theresa restrike coin salt with silver apostle spoon
Lot 28
Ladies Rotary wristwatch (new & boxed)
Lot 29
Set of six silver coffee bean spoons in presentation case
Lot 30
20th century continental Royal Bareuth porcelain novelty Devil ashtray
Lot 31
Ladies fob watch in continental silver case with chased decoration
Lot 32
Ladies wristwatch in 9ct gold case & fob
Lot 33
Ornamental jambiya
Lot 34
Silver serviette rings & plated apostle spoons
Lot 35
Assorted continental silver and plated souvenir spoons & ear studs in cork
Lot 36
Art Deco Jugendstil style metal desk stand
Lot 37
Box of costume jewellery some new with tags
Lot 38
Quantity of fountain pens including Paper Mate, Conway Stewert, Parker, penknives etc.
Lot 39
Silver plated cruet, bon bon dish, sifter, novelty egg cup etc.
Lot 40
Box of modern wristwatches
Lot 41
Box of new costume jewellery
Lot 42
Set of 5 silver plated serviette rings and fish forks
Lot 43
Silver buckle & silver and enamelled butterfly brooch
Lot 44
Silver case fob watch
Lot 45
Japanese lacquer & inlaid work box
Lot 46
Silver case ladies fob watch
Lot 47
Silver charm compass
Lot 48
2 x early 20th century propelling pencil, penknife & button hook (one boxed), & gold plated propelling pencil
Lot 49
Shelf of brass ware inlcuding pill boxes, marine interest & 2 x silver metal bangles