July 18th antique & General

Lot 1
Collection of assorted Wade whimsies
Lot 2
Beswick ginger Persian gloss finish standing cat
Lot 3
Plichta pig & Plichta cat (cat restored)
Lot 4
Lalique Coquilles bowl (rim chip & crows foot crack)
Lot 5
Coalport Paddington Bear Good Life (new with box)
Lot 6
3 x Lomonsov wrens, Wade whimsie cat, dog & salt glaze rabbit & Coalport pastille burner The Master's House
Lot 7
Royal Doulton Old Mother Hubbard (boxed new)
Lot 8
Royal Doulton Bulldog Pups (new & boxed)
Lot 9
7 x glass animal paperweights
Lot 10
Small collection of Wade whimsies
Lot 11
Coalport Characters Bear Neccesities (boxed & new)
Lot 12
Collection of assorted bird ornaments including Goebel kingfisher, Starling (damage to beak), Babbacombe pottery owl etc.
Lot 13
Coalport characters Paddington's Bath Time
Lot 14
Weetabix Ltd, British Bird Cards (1962), 3 x cards, all as part of a small selection of non tobacco trade cards
Lot 15
Small quantity of transport related postcards
Lot 16
Quantity of Brooke Bond tea cards
Lot 17
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Trumpeter (new & boxed)
Lot 18
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Arabian Knights (new & boxed)
Lot 19
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Dutch Girl (new & boxed)
Lot 20
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Judy (new & boxed)
Lot 21
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Matador (new & boxed)
Lot 22
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Punch (new & boxed)
Lot 23
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Mexican (new & boxed)
Lot 24
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figure Parisian (new & boxed)
Lot 25
Royal Doulton character jug Sir Stanley Matthews (boxed & new)
Lot 26
Royal Doulton Spike & Tyke (boxed & new)
Lot 27
Royal Doulton Dopey's First Kiss (boxed & new)
Lot 28
Royal Doulton figure Grumpy's Bathtime (boxed & new)
Lot 29
Assorted bird ornaments
Lot 30
Beswick figure Wilma Flintstone (new & boxed)
Lot 31
Beswick figure Pebbles (new & boxed)
Lot 32
Beswick figure Bam Bam (new & boxed)
Lot 33
Royal Doulton figure Winnie the Pooh (new & boxed )
Lot 34
Royal Doulton figure Kanga & Roo (new & boxed)
Lot 35
Coalport characters Party Time (new & boxed)
Lot 36
Coalport figure James with Balloons (new & boxed)
Lot 37
Coalport figure Hold on Tight (new & boxed)
Lot 38
Coalport figure Safe Landing (new & boxed)
Lot 39
Wade Nursery Rhymes Humpty Dumpty (new & boxed)
Lot 40
Wade Nursery Rhymes Goosey Gander (new & boxed)
Lot 41
Wade Nursery Rhymes Miss Muffet (new & boxed)
Lot 42
Wade Nursery Rhymes Witch Catkins (new & boxed)
Lot 43
Wade Nursery Rhymes Town Crier (new & boxed)
Lot 44
Wade Nursery Rhymes Cook Catkins (new & boxed)
Lot 45
Wade figure City Gent (new & boxed)
Lot 46
Wade Figure Koala (new & boxed)
Lot 47
Wade figure Newark (new & boxed)
Lot 48
Coalport characters Bear Online (New & boxed)
Lot 49
Army issue binoculars Made in Paris Model 6
Lot 50
Royal Doulton figure Artful Dodger (new & boxed)