September 16th Antique and Vintage

Lot 1
Box of assorted costume jewellery : silver earrings, rings, assorted bracelets etc.
Lot 2
Silver cigarette case Birm. 63 g J Gloster 1915
Lot 3
9 ct gold signet ring size 64 & 9 ct gold tie stud & one other 3 g
Lot 4
Vintage Accurist wristwatch & vintage Rotary wristwatch, modern miniature carriage style clock
Lot 5
Engraved shell case, Kings Royal Rifle Corps badge etc.
Lot 6
Gold test kit, metal stencils, desk clamp
Lot 7
Silver advertising propelling pencil : Martini Vermouth, Parker ink pen etc.
Lot 8
Continental silver book mark, plated salts and odd coins
Lot 9
3 x Vintage 5 Shillings postal orders YHA handbook, costume jewellery etc.
Lot 10
Nutcrackers & berry spoons
Lot 11
Costume jewellery etc.
Lot 12
Solid silver mustard cruet Chester make & date indiscernible 48 g
Lot 14
Silver and amethyst pendant & Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum
Lot 15
IECWS Wine Society Dow's Port 1966
Lot 16
IECWS Wine Society Dow's Port 1966
Lot 17
Vintage Kukri stamped genuine on blade
Lot 18
Solid silver hot water pot with wood handle Birm. 1933 WH ? 501 g incl. handle
Lot 19
Scrap silver cigarette box with hinged lid 63 g
Lot 20
Assorted decorative china including crested ware, cottage ornaments
Lot 21
Silver trumpet shape vase Birm. 1910 W Neale
Lot 22
Pierced silver bowl on three ball feet Birm. 1936 Gorham Manufacturing 41 g
Lot 23
Solid silver pepper pot Birm. 1932 William Neale 44 g
Lot 24
Solid silver pepper pot Chester 1907 Nathan & Hayes 29 g
Lot 25
Engraved silver serving spoon 1809 Peter & William Bateman 50 g
Lot 26
Solid silver serving spoon London 1767 unknown maker 46 g
Lot 27
Solid silver pepper pot 1908 Birm 16 g
Lot 28
Silver bangle Birm 1963
Lot 29
Engraved silver cigarette case Birm. 1924 makers mark rubbed 41 g
Lot 30
Silver ingot necklace Sheffield 1977 34 g
Lot 31
Solid silver cream jug Birm. 1911 67 g
Lot 32
4 silver rings
Lot 33
Modern silver bracelet
Lot 34
Modern silver and hardstone necklace
Lot 35
Good quality silver ink stand Birm 1891 Robinson Edkins & Aston 190 g
Lot 36
5 x modern silver and hardstone rings 19 g
Lot 37
2 silver bladed and mother of pearl handled fruit knives
Lot 38
Silver pepper pot Birm 1926 Adie Brothers 38 g
Lot 39
Solid silver kings pattern spoon Birm. 1908 Elkington 79 g
Lot 40
Silver cake slice London Hollandson & Slater 51 g
Lot 41
Solid silver quaich Birm, 1913 158 g
Lot 42
Bag of scrap silver 132 g
Lot 43
Pair of solid silver trumpet shape vases Birm. 1959 A L Davenport 137 g
Lot 44
Silver cigarette box with hinged lid
Lot 45
Solid silver serving spoon London 1842 makers mark indistinct 142 g
Lot 46
Bag of scrap silver 136 g
Lot 47
Silver two handle vase Birm. 1926 Wilmot Manufacturing 55 g
Lot 48
Solid silver two handled sugar bowl Birm 98 g
Lot 49
Solid silver sugar castor London 1983 C J Vander 157 g
Lot 50
Set of six solid silver spoons Sheffield 1906 J Rogers 284 g
Lot 51
Set of six solid silver forks Sheffield 1906 J Rogers 272 g

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 52
Silver mesh purse London 1918 A .M & M Ltd 113 g
Lot 53
9 ct gold magnifier glass pendant
Lot 54
9 ct gold open link bracelet with heart shape lock 13 g
Lot 55
Unmarked but tested 9 ct gold watch chain 38 g
Lot 56
18 ct gold watch chain 36 g
Lot 57
22 ct gold wedding band 3 g size 48
Lot 58
Unmarked but tested 18 ct gold love knot ring size 49 2 g
Lot 59
9 ct gold open link bracelet with heart shape lock 17 g
Lot 60
9 ct gold and turquoise brooch 2 g and scrap 18 ct gold and diamond ring 1 g
Lot 61
1887 Jubilee head gold sovereign mounted in 9ct gold as a pendant
Lot 62
1914 gold sovereign
Lot 63
1982 gold half sovereign
Lot 64
1907 gold half sovereign
Lot 65
Polished labradorite, chrysoprase and other semi precious stones
Lot 66
Accurist and other modern ladies wristwatches
Lot 67
unmarked gold and black enamelled flower brooch
Lot 68
Modern watches : Limit, Morgan etc. & filigree silver glass holder
Lot 69
Solid silver creamer Birm. 1904 Oetzmann & Co. 44 g
Lot 70
Solid silver creamer Birm. 1918 Deakin & Francis 91 g
Lot 71
9 ct gold pin brooch set with sapphire
Lot 72
Solid silver pickle fork with handle Sheffield 1896 maker mark dirty 52 g (including handle )
Lot 73
20th century silver handled cake knife in presentation box
Lot 74
Solid silver two handled sugar bowl London 1936 J W Benson 208 g
Lot 75
Silver costume ring (.925) in presentation box
Lot 76
Pierced silver salt with blue glass liner Chester 1896 Nathan & Hayes 12 g
Lot 77
Sets of silver earring 14 g
Lot 78
3 harlequin cut glass and silver top dressing table jars
Lot 79
Silver golfing tea spoon Birm. 1963 Barker Brothers 12 g
Lot 80
Set of six silver handled butter knives marks rubbed but discernable Sheffield 1905 John Batt
Lot 81
Solid silver ashtray Birm. 1959 Harman Brothers 55 g
Lot 82
Lower grade silver anointing type spoon with twisted stem and engraved decoration 17 g
Lot 83
Silver serving spoon London 1859 Josiah Williams 76 g
Lot 84
Silver bladed butter knife with mother of pearl handle Sheffield including handle James Dixon & Sons 31 g
Lot 85
Elegantly engraved Christening set in presentation case Sheffield 1907 Allen & Darwin 41 g
Lot 87
18 ct gold ring set with a cluster of emeralds and diamonds in presentation box size 54 3 g
Lot 88
18 ct gold ring set with a cluster of pink stones 55, 4 g
Lot 90
18 ct gold ring set with small diamonds modelled as a buckle size 50 , 2 g
Lot 91
9 ct gold ring set with a cluster of garnets around a single opal size 50, 1 g
Lot 92
Unmarked 9 ct gold brooch set with seed pearl 1 g
Lot 93
Pair of 9 ct gold earrings 2 g
Lot 94
Modern 9 ct gold ring set with three garnets and small diamonds size 54, 2 g
Lot 95
Silver mounted multi semi precious hardstone kilt brooch 6 cms in diameter
Lot 96
Millefiori glass beaded necklace
Lot 97
Late 19th century jet and pearl brooch 4 cms in diameter
Lot 98
Modern silver open link bracelet 30 g
Lot 99
Pair of silver and enamelled cufflinks
Lot 100
Solid silver pepper pot Birm. 1933 Blanckensee & Sons 37 g
Lot 101
Silver cigar punch (damaged ) plated teaspoons etc.
Lot 102
Solid silver pepper pot marks rubbed 17 g
Lot 103
Solid silver pepper pot 1918 ? Jay Richard Attenborough Co. 30 g

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 104
Solid silver eggcup Birm 1956 F H Adams 28 g
Lot 105
Solid silver table salt with blue plastic liner Birm. 1973 Sanders & Mackenzie 19 g
Lot 106
Early 19th century engraved silver sugar tongs 23 g
Lot 107
Silver case pocket watch case 40 g
Lot 108
4 x assorted silver spoons, differing assay offices and dates 57 g
Lot 109
2 x silver serviette rings 24 g
Lot 110
3 x silver brooches
Lot 111
Solid silver christening set in Goldsmiths presentation case London 1900 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. 98 g
Lot 112
Silver ARP and Territorial Army cap badges
Lot 114
Lower grade silver (.830) sifter with repousse work decoration 42 g
Lot 115
Solid silver sugar sifter Sheffield 1925 Cooper Brothers 35 g
Lot 116
Silver pepper pot marks rubbed 57 g
Lot 117
9 ct gold ring set with CZ in presentation box
Lot 118
9 ct gold ring set with diamond in presentation box
Lot 119
Vintage style advertising crates
Lot 120
Cast iron Robbie the Robort
Lot 121
Pair of silver gilt modern pill boxes (damaged)
Lot 122
Various vintage style enamelled hand bag tops (new & bagged)
Lot 123
Various hardstones beads
Lot 124
Assorted enamelled costume jewellery some by Stella Curry
Lot 125
Carved wooden box and one other
Lot 126
Cast iron sign : Private
Lot 127
Cast iron sign : Toilet
Lot 128
Cast iron sign : Toilet
Lot 129
Cast iron sign rack : Shell Motor Spirit
Lot 130
Bronzed metal figure of lady playing violin
Lot 131
Cast iron Michelin Man ornament
Lot 132
Shelf of assorted costume jewellery
Lot 133
Early 20th century bone chess set
Lot 134
Cast iron sign Beware of the Children
Lot 135
Cast iron Michelin coat rack
Lot 136
Antique style sextant in wooden box
Lot 137
Cast metal horse coat rack
Lot 138
Autograph books : Wallabies signatures
Lot 139
Box of assorted silver plated cutlery
Lot 140
Assorted costume jewellery etc.
Lot 141
Box of assorted costume and other jewellery
Lot 142
Assorted jewellery making beads
Lot 143
Various paintings oil on canvases by S Curry etc.
Lot 144
Modern oil on canvas Swans by Glynn Carter framed
Lot 145
Modern watercolour & ink by Henry Fuller Lady in the Roses F&G 82 cms x 59 cms & one other by same artist
Lot 146
Gilt frame mirror and etched frameless wall
Lot 147
Large case of butterflies (CITES approved)
Lot 149
Antique style pine hanging rack
Lot 150
2 x vintage tennis rackets, magazine rack and sewing nest of drawers, copper warming pan & skimmer
Lot 151
Modern stained and leaded glass panels and mirrors & convex mirror
Lot 152
Antique style Tiffany Favrille lamp
Lot 153
Antique style Tiffany Favrille lamp
Lot 154
Antique style Tiffany Favrille lamp
Lot 155
Vintage bird cage, lamp shades

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 156
Box of assorted brass ware wood and copper
Lot 157
Linen Bianca cotton covers (some new, bagged tagged)
Lot 158
Modern stained and leaded glass spice rack
Lot 159
Kenwood food processor and blender & kitchenware
Lot 160
VIntage style metal sign : John Wayne
Lot 161
VIntage style metal sign : Cheers
Lot 162
VIntage style metal sign : Brahms
Lot 163
VIntage style metal sign : Old Crown
Lot 164
Box of antique and vintage brassware
Lot 165
Denby Gypsy pattern dinner service
Lot 166
Mid 20th century oil on canvas Mediterranean Harbour scene
Lot 167
2 x camera tripods
Lot 168
2 x boxes of cuddly toys
Lot 169
Box of oddments & Cath Kidston style bag, sewing material
Lot 170
3 x boxes of childs games toys etc.
Lot 171
Box of assorted handbags
Lot 172
4 x boxes of oddments : toys, kitchenware, envelopes, jewellery boxes teddy bears etc.
Lot 173
Modern oil on canvas Country and Village Landscape Isobel Langton unframed
Lot 174
Assorted pewter ware and china etc.
Lot 175
Vintage paraffin lamp
Lot 176
Painted sign : Whose Absent
Lot 177
Vintage fiddle base sewing machine
Lot 178
Box of cottage ornaments
Lot 179
Vintage American mahogany case wall clock
Lot 181
Pottery phrenology head
Lot 182
Amethyst glass skull
Lot 183
3 vintage style metal birdcages
Lot 184
Bronzed metal bulldog ornament
Lot 185
Assorted animal ornaments
Lot 186
Vintage cigarette cards mounted loosely in an album
Lot 187
Box of assorted post 1965 die cast toy cars : Matchbox and Lesney
Lot 188
Plated tea set and other plated ware (2243)
Lot 190
Hand magnifier
Lot 191
Antique style opera glasses
Lot 192
Vintage Kodak Brownie and one other box Brownie
Lot 193
Assorted crested ware including Exeter shaving mug, Beach Hut etc.
Lot 194
Assorted decorative china : Kutani, tea cups
Lot 195
Silver plated cutlery
Lot 198
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 199
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 200
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 201
Assorted modern postcards,commemorative and Royalty themes included
Lot 202
Assorted modern postcards, various themes included
Lot 203
Assorted modern postcards, various themes Some west country interest included
Lot 204
Box of silver plated cutlery
Lot 205
Cigarette cards mounted loosely in an album
Lot 206
Presentation of cutlery, jewellery box etc.
Lot 207
Advertising sign Flying Scotsman
Lot 208
Advertising sign : Castrol
Lot 209
15 attractive vintage postcards regularly depicting music hall stars of yesteryear

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 210
14 early 20th century postacrds all depicting views in and around Strete Dartmouth
Lot 211
8 x WW I silks, some foxing
Lot 212
5 x early 20th century cards all depicting views of Stockholm, 12 further cards having a maritime theme
Lot 213
Old time collection of British & Commonwealth, foreign stamps in a Triumph album (some stamps have suffered due to inappropriate storage)
Lot 214
Virtues Household Physician & The Family Doctor
Lot 215
In excess of 220 vintage postcards and greeting cards, condition varies
Lot 216
Cast iron vegetable signs
Lot 217
Silver plated tureen and majolica dish
Lot 218
Range of GB & foreign stamps offered in 2 partially filled stock books, an assortment of stamps of the world with strength in German issues, offered in a folder
Lot 219
Selection of early 20th century postcards which sometimes have local interest
Lot 220
Interesting multi thematic array of postcards and greeting cards in a shoe box, Devon interest noticed
Lot 221
Sony Hi Fi system
Lot 222
Golf clubs & cricket bats
Lot 223
Pictures, prints, mirror
Lot 224
Vintage cameras : Box Brownies
Lot 225
3 x Boxed Aynsley posy menu holders
Lot 226
Assorted cufflinks and other costume jewellery
Lot 227
Vintage camera : Nettar Zeiss Ikon, Box Brownie, Ilford etc.
Lot 228
Antique brass pocket telescope
Lot 229
Assorted cutlery some boxed
Lot 230
4 x centre pin fishing reels : Eton Sun, Allcock Aerialite
Lot 231
Hand magnifying glass
Lot 232
3 x cast iron Michelin men ornaments
Lot 233
Cast iron sign Michelin
Lot 234
Cast iron sign Land Rover
Lot 235
Art Deco style clear and glass scent bottle
Lot 236
2 x vintage centre pin fishing reels : Eton Sun,
Lot 237
3 x jewellers loupes
Lot 238
Costume jewellery : bracelets, bangles & necklaces
Lot 239
Caithness glass paperweight Chiffon and one other
Lot 240
Prayer books, bakelite etc.
Lot 241
Art Deco clear glass scent bottles
Lot 242
Art Deco clear glass scent bottles
Lot 243
Cast iron sign Beware of the Cat
Lot 244
Cast iron sign Beware of the Wife
Lot 245
Cast iron waving Michelin Man ornament
Lot 246
Nao dog, Lady with basket etc.
Lot 247
tin of costume jewellery
Lot 248
Assorted costume jewellery
Lot 249
Assorted costume jewellery
Lot 250
Assorted costume jewellery
Lot 254
Antique musket ball, carved bone figure group etc.
Lot 255
Vintage porcupine quill box, opera glasses, bone pin cushion
Lot 256
Hardstone eggs etc.
Lot 260
Shelf of post 1970 die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney and others
Lot 261
Shelf of post 1970 die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney and others
Lot 262
Shelf of post 1970 die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney and others
Lot 263
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 264
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 265
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 266
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 267
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 268
Box of modern postcards, assorted themes included
Lot 269
Modern open bookshelves
Lot 270
Pine frame mirror
Lot 271A
Stag Minstrel double wardrobe
Lot 272
Modern metal frame day bed
Lot 274
20th century initialled oil on board framed
Lot 275
Double mattress
Lot 276
2 x shelves of books
Lot 277
Cast iron sign Southern Railways
Lot 278
Cast iron sign No Spitting
Lot 279
Cast iron sign Dress
Lot 280
20th century silver plated Ltd Edition Italian designer candlestick by Guido Niest
Lot 281
Victorian mahogany library recessed floor standing bookshelves
Lot 282
Turquoise glaze planter with plant
Lot 283
Composite stone garden lion ornament
Lot 284
Array of garden edging and kerb stones
Lot 285
Terracotta garden pots and vases
Lot 286
Zinc bath, metal plant stand and assorted garden wall plaques and pots with plants
Lot 287
Assorted low terracotta chimney pots
Lot 288
Terracotta garden planter with strawberry plants
Lot 289
Three tall terracotta chimney pots
Lot 290
Chaise longue (as found)
Lot 291
Vintage metal filing cabinet
Lot 292
Rexon table saw
Lot 293
Table mounted fret saw
Lot 294
Kingston folding bike
Lot 295
Power tool workshop dust extractor
Lot 296
Vintage hat box
Lot 297
Vintage banquette settle
Lot 298
Wolfcraft router table
Lot 299
Victorian cast iron bench ends (as found)
Lot 300
Vintage Singer sewing machine
Lot 301
Box of assorted clamps
Lot 302
Terracotta pots
Lot 303
Vintage pine work box / trunk
Lot 304
Vintage Ladies two tone step through bicycle by Currys
Lot 305
Halfords Nimbus Deluxe bicycle
Lot 306
Projector screen, fishing rod etc
Lot 307
3 x boxes of composite stone plaque making casts / moulds
Lot 308
Assorted fishing bouys
Lot 309
Hitachi flat screen television
Lot 310
Indesit washing machine
Lot 311
Beko dishwasher and microwave oven
Lot 312
3 x boxes of tools and wine rack, pasting table
Lot 313
Gents bicycle
Lot 316
Shredder, mower, lawn spiker, work mate, plastic garden chairs, garden hoover,garden tools etc.
Lot 317
Lot 318
Fidelity record player

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 319
LEC fridge
Lot 320
Log effect electric fire
Lot 321
Clothes rail
Lot 322
Christmas tree fairy lights etc.
Lot 323
Metal filing cabinet
Lot 324
2 x wicker hampers from Fortnum and Mason
Lot 325
Emir of Ashford locking cabinet
Lot 326
Pasting tables. plastic trestles etc.
Lot 327
Assorted garden tools etc.
Lot 328
Fence post rammer
Lot 329
Vintage Tilley lamp, brass paraffin lamp & blow torch
Lot 330
Angle poise lamp round base
Lot 331
Toshiba DVD player, Ebac dehumidifier, & microwave cooker
Lot 332
Cast iron swing handle cooking pot (no lid)
Lot 333
Victorian cast iron kitchen scales and weights
Lot 334
2 x vintage metal trays & Tilley lamp
Lot 335
Vintage Avery scales
Lot 336
Ibico Ibimaster 200 Comb binder & Sharp AJ 6010 scanner printer, hand tools & fans etc.
Lot 337
Vintage watering can
Lot 338
Boxed garden gazebo
Lot 339
Assorted garden tools
Lot 340
Eigner jewellers drill, Euromex light source fibre optic tool
Lot 341
Bench mounted jewellers polishing tool Model 17 .945 X
Lot 342
Walsh jewellers barrelling machine
Lot 343
Jewellers Diatherm enamelling desk top kiln
Lot 344
Box of stone ware and glass bottles some advertising included
Lot 345
Hanging lamp, flat iron and egg basket
Lot 346
Antique style garden cloche
Lot 347
Otec Eco Mini jewellers disc finishing dry polishing machine
Lot 348
Vintage stoneware flagon : G C Perriam Budleigh Salterton (west country interest)
Lot 349
3 x bags of assorted tools
Lot 351
Vintage wooden box of woodworking tools
Lot 352
Cookshop Halogen oven
Lot 353
Large abstract oil on board
Lot 355
Early 20th century oil on canvas signature indistinct (Wiliam Ley ?)Framed and glazed 50 cms x 74 cms
Lot 356
Modern oil on canvas Sheep in Orchard by Glynn Carter framed
Lot 357
Modern oil on panel by Ted Stourton Dancers Framed 38 cms x 50 cms
Lot 359
Lot 360
Reproduction Russian sword
Lot 361
Reproduction American sword
Lot 362
Late 19th century Indian spear with engraved high carbon steel tip
Lot 363
Vintage Ercol court cupboard
Lot 368
Reproduction serpentine front chest of drawers
Lot 369
Studio pottery tea set
Lot 369A
Box of assorted wooden ware
Lot 370
Carved oak umbrella stand
Lot 371
Vintage camel stool
Lot 372
Louis 16 style carver chair
Lot 373
Reproduction chest of drawers, pair of bedside chest and cabinet & vintage coffee table
Lot 374
Nest of tile top tables

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 375
Nest of reproduction mahogany coffee tables
Lot 376
Wooden garden bench
Lot 377
Decorative china glass oddments, posies & red vintage suitcase etc.
Lot 378
3 boxes of china glass and oddments
Lot 379
Victorian mahogany lap table
Lot 380
Magazine rack & metal box
Lot 381
Box of vintage tins & Iitalla Festivo glass candlestick
Lot 382
Modern glass top coffee table & standard lamp
Lot 383
Retro glass top coffee table
Lot 384
Piano stool
Lot 385
Vintage formica top table & cupboard
Lot 386
5 boxes of china glass oddments, pictures prints, books etc.
Lot 387
5 boxes of china glass oddments books etc.
Lot 388
Pair of melamine chest of drawers
Lot 389
plastic folding table
Lot 390
Subbuteo and childs games
Lot 391
Vintage dressing table
Lot 392
Trolley & boxes of china glass etc.
Lot 393
3 x boxes of books & signatures
Lot 394
Reproduction mahogany sideboard
Lot 395
Set of four kitchen stools
Lot 396
Vintage formica top kitchen table
Lot 397
Television stand & marble pedestal
Lot 398
Early 20th century blue and white wash bowl set
Lot 399
Painted metal standard lamp
Lot 400
Painted chest of drawers
Lot 401
Vintage painted bureau
Lot 402
Pair of Casa Pupo doves, floral encrusted basket & vase
Lot 403
Vintage painted ottoman
Lot 404
Melamine desk
Lot 405
Assorted hessian potato sacks & canvas bag
Lot 406
Painted rattan chest of drawers
Lot 407
Cast iron toilet sign
Lot 408
Cast iron railway sign
Lot 409
Vintage oak trolley
Lot 410
2 x boxes of china glass oddments, teapots silver plated ware including biscuit barrel
Lot 410A
Box of antique and vintage brass ware including chestnut roaster
Lot 411
Vintage stone ware flagon Adames of Chichester
Lot 412
Vintage Imperial typewriter in original box
Lot 413
Vintage oak case mantle clock
Lot 414
Pistol shape mug rack
Lot 415
Cast iron sign Police Notice
Lot 416
Pair of painted chest of drawers
Lot 417
Vintage glass top walnut coffee table & folding table
Lot 418
Inlaid wine / occasional table
Lot 419
Georgian style wing armchair
Lot 420
Vintage oak gateleg barley twist table
Lot 421
Vintage metal advertising tray
Lot 422
Glassware china, Victorian green and white meat charger etc.
Lot 423
2 x boxes of assorted lamps etc. Laura Ashley included

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 424
Early 20th century mahogany framed carver chair
Lot 425
Assorted treen and wooden ware : oak desk ink and pen stand, bread board, letter rack, gilded ormolu picture frame
Lot 426
Formica top kitchen table
Lot 427
Vintage Beano and comics
Lot 428
Assorted pictures and prints
Lot 429
Standard lamp
Lot 430
Vintage Ercol fleur de lis rocking chair and similar dining chair
Lot 430A
Teddy bear articulated and others : Burton & Burton USA, The House of Valentina, Traditional Bear Company, Isobel Collection among others
Lot 431
Reproduction extending dining table and 4 dining chairs
Lot 432
Vintage mahogany framed swing mirror
Lot 433
Vintage mahogany framed swing mirror
Lot 434
Hand decorated breakfast set
Lot 435
Carved South East Asian nest of hardwood tables
Lot 436
Copper coal helmet
Lot 437
Large drop modern lined curtains
Lot 438
2 painted towel rails
Lot 439
Vintage easels etc.
Lot 440
Woodburner effect electric fire
Lot 441
Early 20th century mahogany glazed display bookshelves / cabinet
Lot 442
2 x volumes of Lloyds Register 1973 - 1974 Barrow Ship Building Works
Lot 443
Vintage oak case mantle clock
Lot 444
Chinese Jun glaze vase 22 cms x 11 cms
Lot 445
Early 20th century pottery candlestick / lantern
Lot 446
Early 20th century oak leaded and glazed display bookshelves
Lot 447
Wooden modelling hand
Lot 448
Assorted plated tea sets
Lot 449
Cast iron sign Castrol
Lot 450
Cast iron sign BP
Lot 451
Late 19th / early 20th century Sitzendorf floral encrusted flower basket
Lot 452
Vintage oak linenfold blanket box
Lot 453
Vintage canteen of Community silver plated cutlery
Lot 454
Magazine rack, shooting stick etc.
Lot 455
Oak single drawer side table and wine table
Lot 456
Vintage mahogany occasional table
Lot 457
Vintage mahogany occasional table
Lot 458
Assorted iridescent and other glass ware, etched blue glass candlestick
Lot 459
Assorted table lamps & vases
Lot 460
Assorted silver plated ware
Lot 461
Victorian mahogany chest of drawers
Lot 462
Vintage table & 2 x low stools
Lot 463
Vintage oak case mantle clock
Lot 464
Chinese sang de boeuf glaze vase
Lot 465
Plaster bust, and one other and Brannam ware jug
Lot 466
Painted wooden box (Maritime interest)
Lot 467
Faux wood filing cabinet and vintage pine towel rail
Lot 468
Box of assorted silver plated ware
Lot 469
Vintage oak table and two others
Lot 470
Cast iron corner umbrella stand
Lot 471
Blue painted vintage penny seat kitchen chair & one other, stools
Lot 472
Decorative china : Denby wheatsheaf, assorted coffee cans, Doulton vase etc.

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 473
Dent of London rolling / falling ball clock (as found)
Lot 474
9 x boxes of china glass oddments, books etc.
Lot 475
Cast iron sign Shell
Lot 476
Cast iron sign Castrol
Lot 477
Decorative china : marble bookends, china, glass, Gouda vase, Wemyss jar (damaged ), metal ware
Lot 478
Large assortment of washbowl sets
Lot 479
Box of pictures and prints
Lot 480
5 x Boxes of china, glass, oddments, plated ware
Lot 481
Pair of pine kitchen chairs
Lot 482
Vintage camel stool
Lot 483
Poole two tone tea and dinner service
Lot 484
Crown Staffordshire tea set
Lot 485
2 x boxes of cuddly toys teddy bears etc.
Lot 486
Victorian painted pine kitchen table
Lot 487
Assorted decorative china : red and white dinner ware, lampshade etc.
Lot 488
2 x boxes of decorative china glass and oddments
Lot 489
Early 20th century American style rocking chair
Lot 490
Vintage sewing machine in wooden case
Lot 491
Box of pictures, prints & mirror
Lot 492
Metal tin trunk
Lot 493
Assorted dining chairs
Lot 494
Vintage light oak refectory style dining table
Lot 495
Minton Haddon Hall pattern tea set (9 setting)
Lot 496
Pair of blue and white vases and garniture vases
Lot 497
Plated cocktail shaker
Lot 498
China glass & oddments
Lot 499
Vintage oak case mantle clock & stoneware vase
Lot 500
19 th century copper jug
Lot 501
Victorian mahogany swing mirror
Lot 502
tea set, china, oddments curtains etc.
Lot 503
Box of assorted glassware etc.
Lot 504
Assorted wall lights
Lot 505
Graduated set of Wedgwood Wellington pattern jugs, Japanese Kutani vases etc.
Lot 506
Victorian mahogany chest of five drawers
Lot 507
Mahalo ukulele
Lot 508
Lloyd Loom laundry box and oak occasional table
Lot 509
Oak canteen of silver plated cutlery
Lot 510
Vintage miners lamp
Lot 511
Trench art artillery shell 1916 : Souvenir of British Soldiers Occupation of Palestine 1917
Lot 512
Vintage copper cannister
Lot 513
Large cut glass Art Deco style scent bottle
Lot 514
Royal Doulton stoneware jug
Lot 515
Carved oak blanket box
Lot 516
Copeland Spode green gilt and white floral pattern wash bowl set
Lot 517
Edwardian inlaid mahogany washstand
Lot 518
Royal Ascot tea set & Victorian black glaze Jackfield type tea pot
Lot 519
VIntage oak two drawer side table
Lot 520
Set of three vintage industrial machinists work stools
Lot 521
Pair of vintage elm seated stools
Lot 522
2 x centre light fitments & South East Asian Batik print

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 523
Stoneware flagon
Lot 524
Wrought iron candlesticks
Lot 525
Plated duck head walking stick
Lot 526
Copper companion set, decanter, advertising water jugs etc.
Lot 527
Royal Doulton Burgundy pattern dinner service
Lot 528
Duck ornaments, enamel ware etc.
Lot 529
Box of jewellers & enamellers copper blanks & modern copper etching plates
Lot 530
Assorted studio pottery by S C Curry and other decorative china and glassware
Lot 531
Collection of DVDs & CDs
Lot 532
4 x boxes of material, craft equipment, ribbon, ring boxes etc.
Lot 533
10 boxes of craft material, calenders, canvases, shoes, paints, jewellery bags,stationary etc.
Lot 534
Decorative china : continental ink stand, jigsaw, saucers etc.
Lot 535
Boxes of china glass oddments etc.
Lot 536
South East Asian wooden fruit bowl
Lot 537
Vintage Frister & Rossman sewing machine & print
Lot 538
North African pottery vases, Japanese plates etc.
Lot 539
3 x boxes of Decorative china mugs etc.
Lot 540
3 x boxes of china glass and oddments
Lot 541
Assortment of pictures and prints
Lot 542
Box of assorted brassware
Lot 543
Japanese gilded dish with bird decoration, 18th century lustre cream ware dish etc.
Lot 544
Cast iron Yorkshireman sign
Lot 545
Cast iron tractor bell
Lot 546
6 x Boxes of kitchenware, china glass oddments, blender, books etc.
Lot 549
Empty canteen boxes
Lot 550
Box of oddments including treen
Lot 551
Royal Doulton Series ware washbowl set
Lot 552
3 x boxes of china glass & oddments
Lot 553
Pictures and prints
Lot 554
Table lamps
Lot 555
Modern wicker picnic hamper
Lot 556
Box of early 20th century wax phonograph cylinders in original boxes
Lot 557
3 x boxes of china glass dinner ware etc.
Lot 558
4 x boxes of oddments, stickers etc. (some new with tags)
Lot 559
Cast iron sign Any Person Liable
Lot 560
African face masks etc.
Lot 561
20th century carved stone figure of Guanyin
Lot 563
Case of Insects (CITES approved)
Lot 564
Early 20th century oil on canvas Swans on Lake
Lot 565
Decorative china, jugs etc.
Lot 566
Bush bakelite radio
Lot 567
Vintage mantle clock
Lot 568
3 x empty canteen boxes
Lot 569
Antique style desk magnifier
Lot 570
Assorted pictures and prints
Lot 571
Box of china glass oddments
Lot 572
Cast iron sign MG
Lot 573
Box of assorted silver plated ware
Lot 574
Chinese charger
Lot 575
Meccano Junior in plastic box

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 576
Box of decorative china and glassware
Lot 577
Pictures and prints
Lot 578
Zenith binoculars 7 x 50 & African swats
Lot 580
Decorative china and brassware, lamps, warming pans, Kashmiri ware vase etc.
Lot 581
Boxes of oddments some new, bagged and tagged
Lot 582
Modern gilded and glass lamp and wall light fitments
Lot 583
Dr Who ephemera
Lot 584
Large assortment of pictures and prints
Lot 586
Case of butterflies (CITES approved)
Lot 587
Vintage Lettera 22 typewriter & sewing box
Lot 588
Modern centre piece modelled as a boat
Lot 589
Books on golf and golfing print (some signed)
Lot 590
West German vase & 2 x table lamps
Lot 591
Canteen of fisheaters in rosewood case
Lot 592
Vintage oak case mantle clock
Lot 593
Assorted coloured and clear glassware including cranberry and ruby glass ware
Lot 594
Modern inlaid table
Lot 595
2 x boxes of oddments

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