Saturday 19th May - Antique and General

Lot 1
Signatures, Autographs, Ephemera : Celebrity publicity photographs from 1970s & 1980s in a cutting books, signatures include Jim Davidson, Des O'Connor, Ray Alan, Dana, Keith Harris, Wayne King, Joe Longthorne, Ruby Murray, Freddie Starr
Lot 2
Signatures, Autographs, Ephemera : Celebrity publicity photographs from 1970s & 1980s : The Travellers, The Lavelles, Chris Connah, Freddie Starr, Mervyn Jaye, Liston, Jack Lille and many others
Lot 3
Signatures, Autographs, Ephemera : Celebrity publicity photographs from 1970s & 1980s some with associated signatures : Barrymore, Zavaroni, Charlie Williams, Norman Collier, Secombe, Doonican, Morecombe & Wise, Ronnie Corbett, Dana, Tom O Connor, Norman Wisdom
Lot 4
Signatures, Autographs, Ephemera : Celebrity publicity photographs from 1970s & 1980s signatures include Basil Brush, Freddie Starr, , Jimmy Cricket, Roger Kitter, Wurzels, Billy Dainty, , Leslie Crowther, Les Dennis, Ray Alan, Leo Sayer, Check Allen, HInge & Brackett, Les Dennis, Jasper Carrot, Krankies, Harry Worth
Lot 5
George III spade guinea mounted as a pendant polished low grade 8.4 g
Lot 6
Royal Mail Lines calender propelling pencil, bakelite sellotape holder, stop watch & games
Lot 7
Vintage silk print Mrs Siddons, 2 x World War II era pamphlets : Signposts to the Stars & Right of Way
Lot 8
Chipped amber necklace 55 g
Lot 9
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 10
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 11
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 12
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 14
Assorted costume jewellery : bracelets, brooches, necklaces
Lot 15
Lladro Goose & goslings & Nao Rabbit
Lot 16
9 ct gold earring and bracelet 2.6 g & silver & turquoise ring
Lot 17
Box of oddments : Armani wallet (boxed), 2 x phone cards, watches, costume jewellery etc.
Lot 18
Sheffield Chrysanthemum Society bronze medal in case
Lot 19
Junior Practical Anatomy bronze medal in case
Lot 20
Silver bladed knife with mother of pearl handle Sheffield 1923 Allen & Darwin 29 g including handle
Lot 21
Dutch silver souvenir fork with windmill top and boating scene 32 g
Lot 22
Set of five .800 lower grade silver and enamelled souvenir spoons 51 g
Lot 23
Continental lower grade silver (.800) dish
Lot 24
The Churchill Centenary Medals, an attractive collection of 24 gilded silver medals by Pinches for the Churchill Centenary Trust in a presentation album of issue, numbered 3361 & some facsimile collectors coins
Lot 25
Bergman style painted dog ornament
Lot 26
Modern pearl necklace
Lot 27
Assorted coloured glassware and paperweights
Lot 28
Die cast toy train with rolling stock play worn condition
Lot 29
4 collectors die cast toy cars : Burago, and other makers good condition unboxed
Lot 30
3 x collectors die cast toy cars : Burago, and other makers good condition unboxed
Lot 31
10 x collectors die cast toy cars : Corgi, Burago, and other makers good condition unboxed
Lot 32
2 x Chinese silver spoons and butter spreader 36 g
Lot 33
Tray of assorted stick tie pins
Lot 34
2 vintage brass door handles, vintage opera glasses, camera
Lot 35
Tub of dress jewellery : costume earings
Lot 36
Antique style telescope
Lot 37
16 mm film accessory set for microfilm in case
Lot 38
Cast iron novelty Michelin Man ornament
Lot 39
9 ct gold earrings & tie pin 5 g & silver filigree work earrings
Lot 40
Camera lenses : Olympus Miranda 1:2.8, Chinon 1; 5.6, Makinon 1;4.5,teleconverter
Lot 41
Rocket shaped cocktail shaker
Lot 42
Art Nouveau style bronzed metal ornament of Lady Playing Violin
Lot 43
Camera : Olympus OM 10 with 35 : 105 zoom lens
Lot 44
Box of oddments : vintage compacts, pocket camera, lighter, watches, advertising penknife,
Lot 45
Cameras : Cannon, Ricoh, Praktica
Lot 46
Vintage cigarette holder, costume jewellery ; brooches, earring, wristwatch etc.
Lot 47
Ephemera : theatre & tour programmes 1970's & 1980's (mainly Mike Hughes Productions)
Lot 48
Chinese carved malachite pendant
Lot 49
Antique style desk compass
Lot 50
Vintage wristwatch, enamel pendant, Britains lead pig,
Lot 51
Vintage tenon saw, plumb bob etc.

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 52
4 x Gents Orlando watches (boxed)
Lot 53
Bag of assorted table lighters
Lot 54
Bag of ladies dress watches
Lot 55
Assorted wood turning chisels
Lot 56
3 x graduated Beswick flying ducks : Teal 1530 - 3
Lot 57
2 x pair of Ladies & Gents Swiss Line wristwatches (Boxed)
Lot 58
2 x pair of Ladies & Gents Swiss Line wristwatches (Boxed)
Lot 59
Artillery shell clockwork timers
Lot 60
Shelf f vintage and other penknives, 2 x candle snuffers, whistle etc.
Lot 61
4 x Orlando watches (boxed)
Lot 62
Bag of costume jewellery ; necklaces
Lot 63
2 x shelves of assorted silver plated cutlery, presentation cases of spoons, & flatware etc.
Lot 65
2 x shelves of die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Corgi Lesney (play worn condition)
Lot 66
Cameras : Miranda, Cannon, Minolta, Kodak & others
Lot 67
Large modern wall mirror
Lot 68
St Austell Brewery advertising mirror
Lot 69
Brass Benares tray & modern wall mirror
Lot 70
Victorian lithograph print, convex mirror, pictures & prints
Lot 71
Vintage painted framed convex wall mirror
Lot 72
Early 20th century watercolour initialled E C B
Lot 73
Limited Edition wall plaque Sail Fish designed and modelled by Nick Upton 4 / 100
Lot 75
Carved South East Asian hardwood bow ? & African leather bound bow (ethnographic interest)
Lot 76
Photograph poster print on canvas Americana
Lot 77
Film poster on canvas The Man from Cairo 70 cms x 95 cms
Lot 78
Film poster on canvas Out of The Past 70 cms x 95 cms
Lot 79
Photograph poster print on canvas Americana
Lot 80
3 x modern blue and white Chinese jardinieres
Lot 81
2 x Nautilus shells & vintage brass spirit stove by Meva
Lot 82
Gemstone World hardstone globe
Lot 83
2 x cutlery trays
Lot 84
Victorian gilt gesso mirror / picture frame
Lot 85
Cast iron advertising Castrol sign
Lot 86
Picquot ware tea set : tray, sugar bowl, cream, hot water and tea pot
Lot 87
Cast iron sign : Somerset and Dorset Railway
Lot 88
Pair of modern Chinese ginger jars with covers
Lot 89
Various table lamps
Lot 90
3 x boxes of china and glass, Kiln craft, Meakin etc.
Lot 91
Glassware : decanter stopper, decanter, Chinese paperweight
Lot 92
2 x boxes of vintage and later childs toys, games, puzzles, Science Fiction postcards
Lot 93
4 x Boxes of leather, tools, sharpening stone, lampshades, commemorative ware, copper paraffin lamp etc.
Lot 95
Sink & basin
Lot 96
Modern photograph on canvas Americana 100 cms x 70 cms
Lot 97
Plichta of London Strawberries part coffee set , box of blue and white china
Lot 98
Pretty 19th century hand decorated and gilded plate & 2 x blue and white plates
Lot 99
Binoculars : Zenith 10 x 50 & 7 x 50
Lot 100
2 x pieces of Art glass
Lot 101
Vintage Ilford Sportsman camera
Lot 102
Advertising sign : Popcorn
Lot 103
Metal advertising sign : Fruits
Lot 104
Plaster and gilt frame mirror

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 105
Film poster on canvas The Cowboy and The Indians 70 cms x 95 cms
Lot 106
Early 20th century watercolour Child Playing on Beach signature indistinct
Lot 107
Film poster on canvas Sentimental Journey 70 cms x 95 cms
Lot 108
Pair of Sitzendorf figures : Gentleman with basket, Lady with game
Lot 109
Decorative china : Doulton character figures, Sylvac dog etc.
Lot 110
Interesting collection of various vintage tin plate & die cast toys : Dinky Elevato crane, Corgi, clockwork motorbike etc.
Lot 111
Lot 112
Art Deco design Royal Torquay Pottery two handled vase
Lot 113
2 x Chinese vases
Lot 114
Box of spent bullets
Lot 115
Vintage letter stamps, ink pad, plated vesta case etc.
Lot 116
Trench art : 2 x World War I shell cases, miniature coal hod, cannon etc.
Lot 117
Assorted glass paperweights :
Lot 118
Cameras & camera bodies : Minolta Dynax 300 SI, 505 SI, 303 SI, Praktica TS 202, AGFA, Pentax Optio 360
Lot 119
Pair of early 20th century carved soapstone Chinese dog au feu ornaments
Lot 120
Assorted cake knives, some with silver collars
Lot 120A
Vintage marbles in pewter bowl
Lot 120B
Costume jewellery, penknives etc.
Lot 121
Photographic equipment : Phago converter, Sun Pack flash, extender, assorted filters, Helios 442 lens, filters etc.
Lot 122
3 x volumes : War & Peace, By Pike & Dyke, Airmans Outings
Lot 123
Doulton stoneware hunting jug, Laguna Art Glass basket, advertising ash trays
Lot 124
Early 20th century Indian brass box
Lot 125
Assorted corkscrews, spirit levels, odd tools
Lot 126
Early 20th century Mauchline ware Exeter Cathedral jar & cover, Tin plate battery operated toy, Brass door handle, pottery chicken whistle
Lot 127
2 x vintage mesh purses & one other
Lot 128
Vintage Lucas car bulbs, lighters & golf game
Lot 129
Books : Observer books, Family Physician, Rolls Razor, cameras and clocks
Lot 130
Edwardian mantle clock
Lot 130A
Assorted glass paperweights & scent atomiser bottle
Lot 131
Postcards some pre 1950 assorted themes throughout
Lot 132
Pair of deer antlers
Lot 133
19th century oak and glazed corner cupboard on stand
Lot 134
Late 19th / early 20th century spindle back bentwood chair
Lot 135
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear YS39 Passenger & Coach Boxed near mint
Lot 136
Shelf of decorative ornaments including German pottery gnome, Lomonsov dove etc.
Lot 137
3 x Goebel figures, 2 x Beswick birds, Royal Doulton dog and 2 x shelves of decorative china
Lot 138
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 139
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 140
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 141
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 142
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 143
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 144
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 145
Gents wristwatch (new)
Lot 146
Vintage slide rules : 1 x B. J Hall & Co. of London, Nestle's advertising ruler
Lot 149
Vintage ESL Students microscope
Lot 150
Low grade silver repousse work dish and plated ware
Lot 151
Pens : Pierre Cardin ink pen, Mackintosh ball point, Playboy ink pen
Lot 153
2 x shelves of vintage and later die cast toy cars : Tonka, Matchbox, Corgi Lesney (play worn condition)
Lot 154
3 x shelves of vintage and later die cast toy cars : Tonka, Matchbox, Corgi Lesney (play worn condition)

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 155
2 x Film poster on canvas Cat People & Curse of the Cat People 70 cms x 95 cms
Lot 156
Vintage mahogany hall stand
Lot 157
Vintage oak Grandmother clock
Lot 158
Pair of wooden oars
Lot 159
Modern pine dressing table swing mirror
Lot 160
Vintage oak double bed
Lot 161
Edwardian inlaid mahogany tall boy with four drawers under
Lot 162
Early 20th century oak long case clock with glazed front by Bravingtons
Lot 163
Modern mahogany longcase clock Tempus Fugit
Lot 164
Victorian mahogany dresser with mirror front cupboard underneath
Lot 165
Blue and white Willow pattern tea ware, & 19th century tea cup, decorative tea sets : Aynsley, Crown Staffordshire
Lot 166
19th century pine three drawer dresser
Lot 167
Decorative china : tea sets, Beswick horses (damaged), Palissy etc.
Lot 168
19th century oak corner cupboard
Lot 169
Cameras : Cannon, JVC Handicam, flashes etc.
Lot 170
Cast iron sign : Michelin
Lot 171
Cast iron sign : Railway
Lot 172
Assorted vintage car lights,slide rule, pressure guage, telephone etc
Lot 173
Bag of vintage light switches and motorbike lights
Lot 174
Camera lenses : Hanimex 75:200 (boxed), Panagor slide duplicator (boxed), Miranda flash gun Bell & Howell 1; 2.8 lens, Vivitar teleconverter
Lot 175
Assorted crested ware ornaments
Lot 175A
Poster Print on canvas Blonde Alibi
Lot 176
Enamel boat centre piece
Lot 177
Wedgwood green and white jasperware ornaments
Lot 178
5 x Goebel ornaments
Lot 179
4 x Goebel ornaments
Lot 180
Large collection of over 250 porcelain thimbles
Lot 181
Italian suede coat by AC
Lot 182
Antique style gilt frame mirror
Lot 183
20th century machine carpet runner
Lot 184
Apollo mountain bike
Lot 185
Victorian mahogany breakfast table
Lot 186
Modern pine dresser top
Lot 187
19th century mahogany corner cupboard
Lot 188
Modern bookshelves
Lot 189
Claude Butler mountain bike
Lot 189A
Assorted early 20th century and later dining chairs
Lot 190
20th century Indian machine rug
Lot 191
Mid 20th century Persian rug
Lot 192
Modern standard lamp & shade & pottery table lamp & shade
Lot 193
Early 20th century mahogany bedroom suite : 2 serpentine front chest of drawers & mirror front single wardrobe
Lot 194
Vintage advertising crate Whiteways Cider
Lot 194A
3 x blue Le Creseut cooking cause pans with lids
Lot 195
Vintage Triang Big Chief pull along childs toy
Lot 196
Crompton Parkinson table circular saw
Lot 197
ELU band saw EBS 3501
Lot 198
modern camp bed
Lot 199
Beko upright freezer
Lot 200
Modern pine glazed bookshelves
Lot 201
Vax Rapide upright steam cleaner

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 202
Dynatron SRX 80 radiogram in mahogany cabinet
Lot 203
Vintage Exeter Steam Laundry advertising box
Lot 204
Reproduction mahogany corner cupboard and glazed lounge unit
Lot 205
Advertising print mounted on card : Spirit of the Age
Lot 206
Toshiba Regza flat screen television on stand
Lot 207
Pair of composite stone troughs
Lot 208
Composite stone bird bath
Lot 208A
Modern corner unit
Lot 209
19th century oak corner cupboard
Lot 210
Lot 211
Industrial Hobart mixing bowl
Lot 212
Antique style wall lights
Lot 213
Sony mini stereo system & table lamp
Lot 214
Dell monitor & keyboard etc.
Lot 215
Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector
Lot 216
Lot 217
3 x Benjamin Bunny Beatrix Potter prints
Lot 218
Early 20th century carved oak barometer
Lot 219
E Howard 1858 needlework sampler in later frame
Lot 220
Dark room photographic bench lights
Lot 221
Vintage advertising stoneware flagon : Betts & Co.
Lot 222
Sonos Digital Music System
Lot 223
Fruit press and vintage guillotine
Lot 224
Sanremo Mod Capri coffee machine
Lot 225
Le Creseut pan and cover
Lot 226
Vintage bamboo mirror painted advertising Triumph
Lot 227
Vintage advertising stoneware flagon Joseland & Sons of Worcester
Lot 228
3 sets of scales Salter No 20 & others
Lot 229
Cameras Cannon and camera cases
Lot 230
Camera books
Lot 231
Assorted tools & hanging basket
Lot 232
Pair of Pioneer speakers, folding stool & artists easel
Lot 233
Tapestry firescreen
Lot 234
Early 20th century copper fire kerb
Lot 235
Assorted fishing equipment : 2 x Shimano reels, 1 x DAM trout reel, bite indicators, lures, folding chairs etc.
Lot 236
Modern Chinese Ballet print
Lot 237
Modern Chinese Ballet print
Lot 238
Vintage frameless wall mirror
Lot 239
Gilt frame mirror
Lot 240
Vintage bevelled glass mirror & modern mirror
Lot 241
Modern gilt frame mirror & buckle
Lot 242
Modern mirror
Lot 243
Assorted split cane & bamboo fishing rods, fencing rapier etc.
Lot 244
Early 20th century watercolour portrait of child
Lot 246
Reproduction yew extending dining table and six chairs including two carvers
Lot 247
Box of vintage Meccano
Lot 248
20th century lime wax pine bedside chest
Lot 249
Vintage metal cabinet
Lot 250
2 x boxes of decorative china, cakestand plates etc.
Lot 251
Vintage suitcase

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 252
Vintage bureau & reproduction lap coffee mahogany table
Lot 253
Assorted glassware & curtain trims
Lot 254
Vintage cream and gilt dressing table, stool, pair of bedside chests, triple mirror & cheval mirror
Lot 256
Penshurst bowls & boules
Lot 257
Bale of fabric
Lot 258
Modern computer chair
Lot 259
Tiffany style leaded and glass hanging lights
Lot 260
2 x Pioneer record players PL Z 94 & PL J210
Lot 261
Early 20th century mahogany dressing chest with swing mirror
Lot 262
Paragon Belinda pattern tea set, Colclough & Midwinter part tea set
Lot 263
2 x post 1950 articulated teddy bears & kidney shape coffee table
Lot 264
Chinese Famille Rose style fish bowl
Lot 266
Wooden modelling hand
Lot 267
China display cabinet
Lot 268
Old charm style lead and glazed corner cupboard
Lot 269
Chinese carved wooden temple table
Lot 270
Chinese blue and white vase table lamp
Lot 271
Pine bathroom cabinet
Lot 272
Pair of modern kitchen carver dining chairs
Lot 273
Industrial chic work table
Lot 274
Kitchen steps
Lot 275
Victorian inlaid walnut music cabinet
Lot 276
Film poster : Swordsman
Lot 277
Film poster : Chariots of Fire
Lot 278
Film poster : Chariots of Fire
Lot 279
Film poster : Avalanche Express
Lot 280
Film poster : Skyriders
Lot 281
Film poster : Earthquake
Lot 282
Film poster : Tarka the Otter
Lot 283
Vintage oak desk
Lot 284
2 x boxes of oddments : carved wooden ware,prints, cribbage broad, Butterfly mounted as a display in dome, brassware, boat etc.
Lot 285
Assorted tin glazed pottery & North African dish
Lot 286
Pair of vintage oak dining chairs, tea table
Lot 287
Decorative china : Honiton Pottery, Limoges style vase, Copenhagen etc.
Lot 288
Vintage mahogany gateleg table
Lot 289
Edwardian mahogany three tier folding cake stand
Lot 290
Praktica TL 3 camera, Hanimex 7 : 210 zoom lens teleconverter, in case & tripod
Lot 291
Six Edwardian mahogany cane seated side chairs
Lot 292
Canteen of Ryals silver plated cutlery
Lot 293
Edwardian mahogany circular occasional table
Lot 294
Mahogany quarter veneered bureau
Lot 295
Edwardian painted ebonized folding chair
Lot 296
Masonic apron
Lot 297
Carved hardwood barley twist stool
Lot 298
Pair of marble top wine tables with brass mounts
Lot 299
Assorted glass ware
Lot 300
Oak case mantle clock
Lot 301
Vintage mahogany wine table
Lot 302
Pine long table
Lot 303
Records : easy listening & jazz

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 304
Copper coal helmet
Lot 305
Box of brass & copper ware, bellows etc.
Lot 306
2 x nest of mahogany tables and one other, pictures & prints
Lot 308
Reproduction mahogany bow fronted bar / cabinet
Lot 309
Early 20th century paraffin lamp & silver plated ware
Lot 310
Modern pine bookshelf / wine rack
Lot 310A
VIntage articulated teddy bear
Lot 311
Tapestry upholstered French dining chair
Lot 312
Vintage tie press, leather bag, coin purse & grass weave basket
Lot 313
Demi lune mahogany sidetable
Lot 314
Victorian mahogany button back nursing chairs
Lot 315
Modern Chinese coffee table & Victorian mahogany occasional table
Lot 316
Box of oddments : Carved ornaments, smart bands, bowls, blue and white china, composite head doll, etc.
Lot 317
Vintage oak folding stool
Lot 318
Assorted silver plated ware, tea set, goblets etc.
Lot 319
Modern pine chest of seven drawers
Lot 320
Modern pine bedside chest of drawers & stool
Lot 321
Vintage Countess calculating machine
Lot 322
Kelvin vintage suitcase
Lot 323
Painted Lloyd Loom laundry basket
Lot 324
Decorative china & glassware : bisque figures, comport, collectors plates, Hunting tea cup & saucer, clock & barometer etc.
Lot 325
Late 19th / early 20th century ivory handled canteen of fish knives
Lot 326
Assorted silver plated ware : tureens etc.
Lot 327
2 x boxes of decorative china : Denby tea ware, Masons Mandarin, Doulton series ware plate etc.
Lot 328
VIntage oak sideboard
Lot 329
Camera accessories : flash guns, tomtom, tripod, webcam etc.
Lot 330
Vintage suitcase & Benares brass tray
Lot 331
Mannequin / dress makers dummies
Lot 332
Victorian bentwood chair
Lot 333
Early 20th century mahogany extending dining table on ball and claw feet with extra leaf and winder
Lot 334
2 x boxes of decorative china glass plated ornaments, Susie Cooper etc.
Lot 335
4 x pairs of binoculars : 2 x Tasco 16 x 50, Prinz 16 x 50, Sunlite 7 x 35
Lot 336
Victorian mirror, paintings etc.
Lot 337
Assorted Victorian and Edwardian mahogany framed dining chairs
Lot 338
Edwardian mahogany cabriole leg lap dining table
Lot 339
Decorative china : majolica jug & geese, Capo di Monte floral centre piece, posie ornament etc.
Lot 340
Modern pine chest of drawers
Lot 341
3 x Collectors and spoon cabinets
Lot 342
Pair of painted glass handled bedside cupboards
Lot 343
Carved wooden pyramid chest of drawers
Lot 344
Delcroft ware pottery Alsatian dog ornament
Lot 345
Victorian walnut quarter veneered lap Sutherland table
Lot 346
Wall mounted clock mechanism & Metamec mantle clock
Lot 347
Vintage mahogany sewing box and contents & mahogany occasional table
Lot 348
Modern teak coffee table
Lot 349
Italian inlaid musical chess table
Lot 350
Assorted Chinese & other pictures and prints
Lot 351
Cricket stumps, walking sticks, cycle helmets, bagatelle etc.
Lot 352
Vintage oak bureau
Lot 353
Beswick Shire horse and one other

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 354
Edwardian mahogany extending dining table and extra leaf
Lot 355
Noddy's Toyland projector (boxed)
Lot 356
Oak ashtray stand and one other stand
Lot 357
2 x boxes of decorative china glassware etc.
Lot 358
Set of four early 20th century pine spindle back dining chairs
Lot 359
Antique pine refectory table
Lot 360
Assorted decorative glassware
Lot 361
Assorted silver plated ware
Lot 362
Chinese Kangxi Zi style blue and white brush pot, other vintage Chinese ceramics and cloisonne, 2 x hardstone tree of life, Thai pottery etc.
Lot 363
Assorted pictures and prints : Allets Brixham harbour & others
Lot 364
Riccar sewing machine
Lot 365
Assorted tea ware : Spode Provence and others
Lot 366
Decorative tea ware : Royal Kent, Queen Anne & others
Lot 367
Wadeheath Stream Line jug (with hairline crack) and other decorative china
Lot 368
Assorted lawn bowls : Henselite & Eclipse
Lot 369
Box of oddments : fossils, alarm clock, Military issue voltmeter in bakelite case, toasting fork pictures and prints etc.
Lot 370
2 x boxes of oddments : soda stream, toys, convex wall mirror etc.
Lot 370A
Chinese Famille Rose dish depicting scenes of battle with character mark underneath
Lot 371
Lot 372
Victorian mahogany occasional table
Lot 373
Edwardian rocking chair
Lot 374
Le Creseut cooking pans : 6 x cooking pots (5 with lids), 2 x frying pans, 2 x cooking pots and covers
Lot 375
Vintage square shape sauce pans & covers and kettle
Lot 376
Set of Bowden prints Country Cottage Scenes
Lot 377
Records : 1960s Jazz including Horne, Peterson, Dankworth, Heath, Kruper, Lucher, Goodman, Ellington and others
Lot 378
Late Victorian oak case wall clock
Lot 379
Vintage table top Columbia Grafonola gramophone
Lot 380
Blue and white Willow pattern dinner ware, camp bed, Dr Who books & CDS, 2 x binoculars, cutlery
Lot 381
South East Asian bowed string musical instrument
Lot 382
Metal advertising sign : John Wayne
Lot 383
Records : jazz theme including Barber, Clayton, Basie, Dankworth, Kitt
Lot 385
Box of assorted motorcycle parts (automobilia interest)
Lot 386
Early 20th century Chippendale style carver dining chair
Lot 387
Tanglewood acoustic guitar in case
Lot 388
Wall lights
Lot 389
Antique style dress sword
Lot 390
Delft blue and white pottery and green and white pottery dinner service
Lot 391
Vintage bamboo fishing rod
Lot 392
Edison Gem phonograph with horn
Lot 393
Edwardian carved case mantle clock
Lot 394
Box of pictures and prints
Lot 395
3 x boxed Ikea Sansa lights
Lot 396
2 x boxes of DVDs
Lot 397
Famous Grouse advertising mirror, Chinese cabinet escutcheons mounted as a display, signed etching of Tower Bridge by Alfred Bennet
Lot 398
2 x Crocodile skin handbags
Lot 399
2 x Chinese Kang Zi style crackle glaze blue and white vases ( both damaged)
Lot 400
Sylvac sauce jars & tin plates
Lot 401
2 x boxes of brass, copper, brass coal box
Lot 401A
Assorted OS type maps (local West Country interest)
Lot 402
Boxes of CDs records, posters, Madonna Tour poster framed & Sade tour calender framed

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 403
Selection of blue and white Delft pottery vases, coffee grinder etc.
Lot 404
2 x boxes of silver plated ware, coasters, manicure set, castor, compact etc.
Lot 405
Vintage Scarletti concertina squeeze box
Lot 406
Metal advertising sign
Lot 407
Early 20th century Melrose Albion dinner ware, childs games & glass decanter
Lot 408
4 x boxes of decorative china glass oddments, door handles, collectors dolls, breadmaker etc.
Lot 409
5 x pieces of Portmeirion Botanicals : cheese slice, vase, tureen etc.
Lot 410
Decorative china and glass : Ruby glass vases, figurines, duck ornament etc.
Lot 411
Vintage mahogany and brass bound barrel
Lot 412
2 x boxes of decorative china : Poole pottery etc.
Lot 413
2 boxes of books, records,
Lot 414
Box of assorted records : LPs, 45s, 78s, easy listening and pop
Lot 415
Vintage wooden swagger stick, dress swords, brass handled jambiya & cut down bayonet
Lot 416
Model of vintage speed boat
Lot 417
2 x boxes of oddments, childs toys, Armand Marseille dolls head etc.
Lot 418
Box of wooden boxes etc.
Lot 419
Vintage tin plate Triang Fire Service truck & racing car by Nylint made in USA
Lot 420
Box of assorted table lamps
Lot 421
Vintage suitcase of pictures, prints & photographs
Lot 422
Records : Jazz, classical, blues
Lot 423
6 x boxes of books
Lot 424
Decorative blue and white china : Italian Garden, Quail pattern dinner ware etc.
Lot 425
Carved wooden sculpture by
Lot 426
Carved wooden sculpture by
Lot 427
Carved wooden sculpture by
Lot 428
Vintage slag glass vase
Lot 429
1980's retro video discs
Lot 430
Vintage childs toy wooden building blocks, prints, tap & die set, first aid kit
Lot 431
Banjo ukele
Lot 432
Vintage brass trumpet
Lot 433
Canteen of silver plated cutlery
Lot 434
Jacko Monkey toy
Lot 435
Tin plate toys : Mobo Puppy, Japanese clockwork car by Isetta, tractor & plough
Lot 436
Cameras & accessories : Nikon EM, projector, filters
Lot 437
Box of vintage glass advertising bottles
Lot 438
Glassware : decanters
Lot 439
Box of antique and vintage advertising bottles, stoneware inkwells etc.
Lot 440
2 x cases of butterflies (CITES approved)
Lot 441
Assorted blue and white china & decorative china : Italian Garden and other transfer ware
Lot 442
Cameras & accessories : Cannon E 50 recorder, Olympus
Lot 443
Records : easy listening
Lot 444
Box of assorted computer items : keyboard, digital scanner, XDA mini S
Lot 445
Vintage advertising labels : Penney of Chumleigh chemists powder packets, Farmers Friends, Pines Devonshire Oils
Lot 446
Box of assorted antique and vintage advertising and other bottles
Lot 447
Modern childs Stentor 1 violin in case
Lot 448
Doulton stoneware jug, Victorian painted glass vase, decanters etc.
Lot 449
Box of assorted silver plated & brass ware, crumb scoop etc.
Lot 450
Late Victorian nursery tea set & Indian tree ware
Lot 451
Cameras : 2 x Canon EOS 1000 F, Pentax SFX, Olympus SP 565 UZ,
Lot 452
Binoculars : Pacer 8 x 30, Panorama 10 x 50, Field Angle 7 x 50, Pentax 8 x 21, Nikon 8 x 21

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 453
Early 20th century blue and white tea ware
Lot 454
Early Victorian commemorative green & white wedding jug

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