Saturday 17th February - Antique, Vintage & Collectable

Lot 1
Assorted costume jewellery : watches 14 KT rolled gold necklace
Lot 2
SIlver coloured metal toast rack
Lot 3
150 g of scrap silver
Lot 4
Interesting silver handled flatware by David Anderson of Norway
Lot 5
Assorted costume jewellery : 9 ct gold necklace 2 g
Lot 6
Assorted costume watches : Sekonda, Montine, Gossip, Accurist, Limit, Le Chat, Empress
Lot 7
Tray of antique and vintage Venetian style trade beads
Lot 8
Tray of antique and vintage Venetian style trade beads
Lot 9
Tray of antique and vintage Venetian style trade beads
Lot 10
Tray of antique and vintage Venetian style trade beads
Lot 11
Tray of antique and vintage Venetian style trade beads
Lot 12
Early 19th century Newhall Buck print tea cup
Lot 12A
Early 20th century cold painted Bergman style bronze modelled as a Cat on a Tortoiseshell(unsigned)
Lot 14
Costume jewellery : earrings
Lot 15
Costume jewellery : Brooches
Lot 16
Costume jewellery : Brooches
Lot 17
Modern string of pearls
Lot 18
Modern silver belly button ring
Lot 19
Chinese painted milk glass double gourd snuff bottle
Lot 20
Assorted dress watches
Lot 21
Bag of assorted costume watches
Lot 22
Bowl of assorted costume jewellery
Lot 23
Cut glass silver lidded pepper pot and dressing table jar
Lot 24
Modern silver hoop earrings 4 g
Lot 25
Chinese jade coloured stone amulet
Lot 26
Pair of early 20th century novelty brass nutcrackers
Lot 27
3 x vintage folding pocket knives
Lot 28
Thai white metal niello work cigarette box and plated cutlery
Lot 29
4 x cased West Buckland School medals
Lot 30
Box of silver plated and other cutlery
Lot 31
Old feather filled fives ball (sporting interest)
Lot 32
Art Deco style black and clear cut glass scent bottle
Lot 33
Wristwatches : Accurist digital, Beta digital , Timex, Lady Wellington Sekonda
Lot 34
Bag of watches
Lot 35
Assorted dress rings
Lot 36
Victorian mother of pearl counters and brooches some Chinese included
Lot 38
Assorted dress watches
Lot 39
Silver open link bracelet with heart shape lock & other costume jewellery
Lot 40
Silver dressing jar lids (scrap), costume jewellery etc.
Lot 41
Silver St Christopher on chain 6 g
Lot 42
Pair of silver cross design earrings 7 g
Lot 43
Modern silver bracelet 18 g
Lot 44
Modern silver belly button ring
Lot 45
Pair of Thai silver earrings inset with coral
Lot 46
Assorted silver plated flatware (some boxed)
Lot 47
Camera lens : Kaydon 1:35 No. 31126
Lot 48
Bag of assorted scrap silver 214 g
Lot 49
Tin of assorted costume jewellery
Lot 50
Records : BB King including BB King Story Chapter 1 & 2 Blue Horizon 763216 / 763226 & others
Lot 52
Silver hat pin stand

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 53
Pair of brass Ho Tei Buddha figures
Lot 54
Bronzed metal antique style skull walking stick finial
Lot 55
Costume jewellery : Brooches
Lot 56
Costume jewellery : Brooches
Lot 57
Costume jewellery : Earrings
Lot 58
Costume jewellery : Brooches
Lot 59
Silver dress ring
Lot 60
Modern silver tie clip
Lot 61
Vintage enamelled silver tie clip
Lot 62
3 x silver animal & bird charms, & 2 x pairs of marcasite and silver earrings, cutlery (some armorial with Beaufort family crest)
Lot 63
Assorted vintage cameras : 2 x box Brownie, AGFA, Kodak flash
Lot 64
Bowl of costume jewellery
Lot 65
Bowl of costume jewellery
Lot 66
Set of four silver forks Sheffield 1976 G Butler & Co. 357 g
Lot 67
Early 19th century solid silver sugar tongs 44 g
Lot 68
Solid silver sugar bowl Birm. 1906 217 g
Lot 69
Silver serving spoon London 1820 J Dicks ? 80 g
Lot 70
2 x silver pepper pots, differing dates & makers 35 g
Lot 71
Silver pepper pot Birm. 1933 Blanckensee & Sons 37 g
Lot 72
Silver mustard pot with blue glass liner Birm. 1932 Adie Brothers 48 g
Lot 73
Vintage copper chocolate pot, brass ware, plated sugar tongs, treen eggs & jar etc.
Lot 74
Oriental cinnabar lacquer vase, Chinese cloisonne vase, Chinese tea bowl set as a diorama, Japanese brush stand
Lot 75
Vintage trading cards, topographical postcards, small unmounted etching
Lot 76
Pair of Chinese vases
Lot 77
2 x cast iron novelty Michelin Men ornaments
Lot 78
Assorted brassware, plated cake slices etc.
Lot 79
Lucky Cats transfer decorated Baby's Plate designed for HRH Princess Mary Viscount Lascelles
Lot 80
Assorted lens extenders
Lot 81
Assorted vintage camera manuals
Lot 82
2 x 20th century brass mantle clocks, cameras, typewriter ornament etc.
Lot 83
Decorative ware : carved African soapstone figures, china glass animal ornaments, travelling corkscrew multi tool
Lot 89
3 x modern watercolours
Lot 90
Engraving by E Pope June 1941 from the original by Pieter Bruegel
Lot 91
19th century print of Devonport, Plymouth (West Country interest)
Lot 92
Late 19th / early 20th century water colour by G Morris Misty Night on the River Thames 13 cms x 38 cms
Lot 93
Light coloured Ercol plate rack
Lot 94
1860 needlework sampler in later frame, tapestry & vintage Peter Parley print
Lot 95
Vintage style wooden wall plaque Persimmon wins the Derby (racing interest)
Lot 96
Vintage style advertising sign : Pepsi
Lot 97
Decorative china & glass : paperweights, Staffordshire dog, advertising whisky water jug, Bunnykins baby plate etc.
Lot 98
Victorian slate mantle clock with painted enamel face
Lot 99
Vintage Phillips radio, box of scale weights, sheet music boogie woogie and others
Lot 100
Vintage shooting stick and other walking sticks
Lot 101
Painted cherub mirror
Lot 102
Victorian mahogany writing slope
Lot 103
Assorted decorative china : Chinese resin figure, water jug, Sylvac dish etc.
Lot 104
Vintage vanity case
Lot 105
Three modern watercolours by Belinda Bather F&G
Lot 106
Assorted silver plated ware : tea set, vases etc.
Lot 107
3 boxes of decorative china glass & oddments, dinner plates, soda syphons etc.

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 108
5 x boxes of decorative china glass oddments, nursery bowls and dishes (boxed new)
Lot 109
3 x boxes decorative china, glass CD rack and oddments
Lot 110
Assorted brassware, kettle, scales,bellows, mortice and pestle, copper pans etc.
Lot 111
Plastic double sided Coca Cola sign
Lot 112
2 x boxes of table lamps & centre light fitments
Lot 113
Army blazer, ties & caps etc.
Lot 114
3 x vintage style painted bird cages
Lot 115
Postcards :
Lot 116
Decorative glassware : pair of stem vases, dressing table pin dish, crimped glass vase, Blue and white willow pattern dish, Susie Cooper, porcelain desk stand with pheasant decoration
Lot 117
Purple Fenton style carnival glass bon-bon dish
Lot 118
Vintage cameras : Halina, AGFA, cine camera, cine camera etc.
Lot 119
Vintage photograph albums, family photographs etc.
Lot 120
Pair of 18 th / 19th century cream ware ribbon plates
Lot 121
Vintage World War II era gas mask (aviation interest)
Lot 122
Leather flying cap / helmet World War II aviation interest
Lot 123
Pair of 19th century figures, anchor mark underneath (with damages), Torquay ware etc.
Lot 124
Vintage style enamel sign : Cadillac (automobilia interest)
Lot 125
Vintage dolls house furniture : chairs, wardrobes, sink etc.
Lot 126
Early 20th century Architects / draughtsman set, level, Edison Bell Inductance Coil,
Lot 127
Assorted magic lantern slide : Classical literature themes
Lot 128
Chinese cloisonne vase & rabbit ornament & vintage brass Kashmiri vase
Lot 129
10 x 50 binoculars & vintage wooden fishing reel
Lot 130
Cast metal horse coat rack
Lot 131
Cast iron advertising sign Shell
Lot 132
2 x miniatures
Lot 133
Antique style pocket telescope
Lot 134
Vintage patent Abol garden sprayer
Lot 135
Vintage tools : brace, levels etc.
Lot 136
Various vintage advertising tins
Lot 137
Vintage fishing reels : Penn Squidder, Penn 49, Policansky multiplier
Lot 138
2 x shelves of assorted die cast toy cars : Lesney, Corgi Matchbox and others
Lot 138A
Vintage style enamel sign :Pepsi
Lot 138B
Vintage style sign Lancia
Lot 138C
Antique style magnifying glass
Lot 138D
Antique style compass in hardwood box
Lot 139
2 x shelves of assorted die cast toy cars : Lesney, Corgi Matchbox and others
Lot 140
Commemorative ware plated souvenir spoons etc.
Lot 141
Vintage Parker Knoll easy chair (re upholstered later but no fire label therefore does not comply to 1988 fire regs sold for re upholstery only)
Lot 141A
Early 20th century carved oak barley twist gateleg table
Lot 142
Decorative ornaments : Wade Pek pig cruet, Royal Worcester Cornucopia vase, animal ornaments, vintage spelter match striker etc
Lot 143
Royal Doulton figurines : Fair Lady & Melanie
Lot 143A
Early 20th century Hardy brass fishing reel 10 cms diameter, & early 20th century Patented wide drum brass multiplier reel
Lot 144
2 x shelves of assorted die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney & others
Lot 145
2 x shelves of assorted die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney & others
Lot 146
Pair of Augustus Rex marked pin dishes & two others
Lot 147
4 Volumes : Cecil Aldin Hunting, H M Budget Hunting by Scent, Hawkins Hoof Beats, This Hunting Business Fife (Hunting interest)
Lot 148
2 x shelves of assorted die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney & others
Lot 149
Assorted Chinese hardstone bracelets
Lot 150
Cast iron sign : No Parking
Lot 151
Chinese hardstone bracelets

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 152
Assorted Chinese hardstone bracelets
Lot 153
Assorted hardstone bracelets
Lot 154
Chinese hardstone rings
Lot 155
Chinese hardstone bracelets
Lot 156
Royal Regiment Artillery Association Exeter Branch photograph album with military interest photographs
Lot 157
2 x shelves of assorted die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney & others
Lot 158
Box of assorted wristwatches
Lot 158A
Cast iron Michelin Man ornament
Lot 158B
Antique style telescope
Lot 158C
Art Deco style cut glass scent bottle
Lot 159
Victorian ash mirror front wardrobe
Lot 160
Assorted Torquay ware : mottoware, Pheasant pattern vase etc.
Lot 161
Vintage carved oak dome topped dresser
Lot 162
Early 20th century French marble top two drawer cupboard
Lot 163
Vintage metal Triang Circus Van toy
Lot 164
Early 20th century marquetry and parquetry French exotic wood serpentine front cupboard with marble top
Lot 165
Vintage leather bound French wardrobe
Lot 166
Mahogany sleigh bed (boxed as new)
Lot 167
2 x shelves of assorted die cast toy cars : Matchbox, Lesney & others
Lot 168
Antique style desk bell
Lot 169
Vintage style metal advertising sign : Gardening Pleasures
Lot 170
Vintage style advertising metal sign
Lot 171
Vintage style metal advertising sign : Teas of the World
Lot 172
Unusual bejewelled and enamelled centre piece modelled as a boat
Lot 172A
Vintage fishing reels : Penn 350, Mitchell 624 & 307 & Galion 19 R
Lot 173
19th century pewter inkwell, vintage German compass, & TV spectacles
Lot 174
Cast iron Michelin Man ornament
Lot 175
Shelf of decorative china : animal ornaments
Lot 176
Large pewter flagon
Lot 177
Vintage Art Deco spelter figure of girl
Lot 178
Box of vintage horse brasses
Lot 179
Cameras : Minolta X 300, Tokina 28 ; 78 lens, Vivitar 1:3.5 / 5.3 Macro lens & flash
Lot 180
Phrenology pottery head
Lot 181
Assorted beaded necklaces
Lot 182
Assorted beaded necklaces
Lot 183
Assorted beaded necklaces
Lot 184
Antique style compass in wooden box
Lot 185
Vintage wedding dress
Lot 186
Box of Scalextric track
Lot 187
Antique glazed top pine dresser
Lot 188
Faux pine two drawer filing cabinet
Lot 189
Folding steps etc.
Lot 190
Modern wardrobe
Lot 191
Scaffold tower
Lot 191A
Early 20th century mahogany china display cabinet & students wall bureau
Lot 191B
Early 20th century bobbin turned gateleg table
Lot 191C
Antique pine circular tip top dining table
Lot 191D
Carved Edwardian mahogany tea table
Lot 192
Semi antique Persian rug
Lot 192A
Antique pine crib & wicker Moses basket

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 192B
Upholstered vintage ottoman
Lot 192C
Vintage steamer trunk
Lot 192D
Furniture : reproduction lap dining table, coffee table, corner cupboard and basket chair
Lot 193
Semi antique Persian rug
Lot 194
2 x modern wool rugs
Lot 194A
Semi antique wool rug
Lot 195
4 x bundles of garden tools & saws
Lot 195A
3 x modern watercolours by Belinda Bather framed
Lot 196
8 HP ride on lawn mower
Lot 197
Assorted Stag Minstrel furniture : 2 x dressing tables, stool , 2 bedside chests
Lot 198
Modern corner unit, mirror & trolley
Lot 199
2 x boxes of vintage car / motorbike parts
Lot 200
Early 20th century marquetry and parquetry French exotic wood serpentine front armoire
Lot 200A
Hayter Kestrel orchard petrol mower
Lot 200B
Hayter Harrier 41 petrol mower
Lot 200C
Vintage wooden box, cast iron wheel barrow wheel etc.
Lot 200D
Vintage wooden blanket box, tin trunk, hanging shelf
Lot 201
Modern Silver Cross Pram
Lot 202
Vintage Colonial folding veranda deck chair
Lot 203
Metal filing cabinet
Lot 204
Copper warming pans, brass ware, flat irons etc.
Lot 205
Hoover upright cleaner
Lot 206
Metal patio chairs and bundle of garden tools
Lot 207
Telescopic wash brush (new)
Lot 208
Tree pruner (new)
Lot 209
Vax cleaner with accessories
Lot 210
Vintage wooden step ladder & picture
Lot 211
Brass kettle and companion set
Lot 212
Pair of site lamps
Lot 213
Vintage flat irons and cobblers last & aluminium kitchen steps
Lot 214
Centre light fitment, tools, iron etc.
Lot 215
Tile cutter
Lot 215A
Box of woodworking tools : Stanley No. 78 plane
Lot 215B
3 x modern watercolours by Belinda Bather F&G
Lot 216
Assorted tarpaulins
Lot 217
Exterior light fitments
Lot 218
Clarke stainless steel booster pump
Lot 219
Denon PMA 350 SE Precision amp
Lot 220
Denon DCD 860 CD player
Lot 221
Senco Dura Spin DS 205 plasterboard screw gun
Lot 222
Pair of Celestion 7 speakers
Lot 223
DVD player and Toshiba flatscreen television with remote
Lot 224
Ramset concrete fixing gun
Lot 225
Vintage Bollex projector
Lot 226
Vintage style wall clock
Lot 227
Composite stone garden ornament : pair of Horse plaques & one other
Lot 228
Composite stone garden ornament : Pair of mushrooms
Lot 229
19th / 20th century French U.G. carriage jack No 248893 Graffenstaden
Lot 230
Cast iron garden pump
Lot 231
Assorted leather horse harness and strap

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 232
Composite stone garden ornament : 2 x Green man plaques
Lot 233
3 x Carved wooden mushrooms
Lot 234
Composite stone garden ornament : Pair of Trolls
Lot 235
Vintage style metal advertising sign : Flying Scotsman
Lot 236
Perry cricketing print etc.
Lot 237
Modern acrylic on board Budleigh Salterton by Joan Garner
Lot 238
Set of 5 early 20th century gouaches of North African scenes signature indistinct & South East Asian oil on canvas
Lot 239
2 x mid 20th century watercolours by Sydney W Todd & prints
Lot 240
Vintage and later fishing rods sea & coarse
Lot 240A
Vintage map of Staffordshire
Lot 241
Vintage fire extinguisher
Lot 242
Late 19 early 20th century Oriental watercolour on silk River and Mountain scene F&G 80 cms x 23 cms
Lot 243
Very early Ercol dining chair
Lot 244
Victorian painted pine blanket box
Lot 245
20th century carved wooded French double bed
Lot 246
20th century carved wooded French double bed
Lot 247
French leather bound chest of drawers
Lot 248
Vintage Gladstone bag
Lot 249
Antique tinned copper Persian / Islamic water pot & pewter oil lamp
Lot 250
2 x modern cabinets
Lot 250A
Cast iron sign : Police Notice
Lot 250B
Cast iron sign : Beware of the Dog
Lot 251
Modern television cabinet
Lot 251A
Cast iron advertising sign : BP
Lot 251B
Cast iron advertising sign : Camel
Lot 252
Garniture vases, flatware etc.
Lot 253
Vintage carved oak leaded glazed bookcase
Lot 254
Modern pine hall cupboard
Lot 254A
Cast iron sign : Railways
Lot 254B
Cast iron sign Beware of Trains
Lot 255
3 x stools
Lot 256
Early 20th century leaded and glazed mahogany china display cabinet
Lot 256A
Box of bone handled fisheaters
Lot 257
Blue and white Copenhagen tea ware and other china
Lot 258
Modern mahogany coffee table, vintage sewing table & reproduction mahogany drum style table
Lot 259
Vintage basket weave cupboard and barley twist standard lamp
Lot 260
Box of African tourist art, pottery figures and plated ware
Lot 261
Modern dining table
Lot 261A
Cast iron sign : Any Person Liable
Lot 261B
Cast iron advertising sign : Castrol
Lot 262
Modern tile top coffee table
Lot 263
Set of three graduated Denby jugs
Lot 264
2 x pairs of modern bedside chests & 2 x chairs
Lot 265
Rattan nest of drawers, modern chest of drawer & coffee table
Lot 265A
Cast iron advertising sign : Castrol
Lot 265B
Cast iron advertising sign : Vincent Motorcycles
Lot 265C
Cast iron advertising sign Royal Enfield
Lot 266
Music stands, dartboard, tennis racket, & rulers oddments
Lot 267
Vintage suitcase & one other
Lot 268
Bon Play acoustic guitar in case

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 269
Oak students wall bureau
Lot 270
Wicker log basket, oak dining chair & oak occasional table
Lot 271
Stool and mahogany trolley
Lot 272
Vintage oak gateleg table & string top stool
Lot 272A
Vintage bedside cupboard, 3 vintage occasional tables & footstool
Lot 272B
Vintage National Stereo tape recorder
Lot 273
Kenwood Gourmet, light fitments, CD player etc.
Lot 274
Records : Boogie with Canned Heat Stereo LBS 83103 E, Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, 3 x Pink Floyd and others
Lot 274A
Vintage style metal advertising sign : Chips
Lot 275
Set of six 20th century lattice back dining chairs
Lot 276
Waxed pine coat rack
Lot 277
2 x vintage kitchen stools
Lot 278
Vintage South East Asian carved wooden bureau
Lot 279
Victorian mahogany pot cupboard and hoop back chair
Lot 280
Vintage green leather chesterfield suite comprising of two armchairs and three seater settee
Lot 281
Decorative china : pair of Masons Ironstone plates, Staffordshire dogs, studio pottery etc.
Lot 282
Box of assorted silver plated ware
Lot 283
Victorian and later teapots and jugs, whisky water jug etc.
Lot 284
Reproduction mahogany extending dining table with six dining chairs & occasional table
Lot 285
Box of assorted enamel ware, flat irons, clippers etc. etc.
Lot 286
20th century pine refectory table
Lot 287
Indian tree china glass ware decanters & wall barometer
Lot 288
Vintage Lilliput childs typewriter
Lot 289
2 x boxes of decorative china
Lot 290
Box of assorted blue and white china
Lot 291
Cast iron sign : Railways
Lot 291A
Binoculars : Swift Tecnar 7 x 50
Lot 291B
Wooden modelling hand
Lot 292
Cast iron sign : Dress
Lot 293
Antique pine refectory table
Lot 293A
Set of four Victorian mahogany hoop back dining chairs
Lot 294
Stained pine commode
Lot 295
Victorian mahogany revolving stool
Lot 295A
Vintage footstool
Lot 295B
2 x boxes of oddments : brass trivets, commemorative ware etc.
Lot 296
Vintage French coffee grinder
Lot 297
Assorted decorative glassware, ornaments
Lot 298
Victorian spoon back nursing chair
Lot 299
Box of CDs
Lot 300
18 th / 19th century oak gateleg table
Lot 301
Georgian mahogany inlaid sarcophagus tea caddy
Lot 302
Limoges gilded floral decorated jug & Royal Worcester hand decorated spill vase
Lot 303
Set of four Louis 16 style painted frame chairs
Lot 304
French Art Deco style mirrored dressing table
Lot 305
Royal Doulton Series ware plate The Gleaners D 6123
Lot 306
Victorian inlaid mahogany work table
Lot 307
Set of Looney Tunes Collectors figures (boxed)
Lot 308
Assorted Victorian and later jugs including lustre ware
Lot 309
Assorted silver plated ware
Lot 309A
Assorted light fitments (new and boxed)

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 309B
Cameras : Kodak, Praktica MTL 5, Coronet, Zorki 4 k, Zeiss 2.4 : 35 lens, Pentacon 1.8 : 50 lens, 10 x 50 Century binoculars
Lot 309C
Interesting vintage automobile related books : various handbooks including Morris Minor
Lot 310
Gripper gloves
Lot 311
Bike lock
Lot 312
Tortoise ornaments
Lot 313
Cast iron Michelin advertising sign
Lot 314
Assorted vintage bottles advertising included
Lot 315
Pair of modern mahogany bedside cupboards
Lot 315A
Assorted vintage electrical car parts : bulbs, condensers,, contacts etc.
Lot 315B
Vintage cream and gilt cupboard
Lot 316
Ultra 6018 record player
Lot 317
Early 20th century oak leaded and glazed fall front bureau bookcase
Lot 317A
Alan Caiger Smith @ Aldermaston Pottery tankard
Lot 318
Japanese eggshell tea set, decanters, collectors plates etc.
Lot 319
Vintage hickory shafted golf club by W J Simons
Lot 320
Vintage style painted advertising sign : Coffee
Lot 321
Pair of 19th century Lille Pottery French polychrome plates 21 cms
Lot 322
Assorted pewter tea pots
Lot 323
2 x vintage galvanized watering cans & coal bucket
Lot 323A
Box of oddments : 2 x grain shovels, vintage bike rear carrier, tins etc.
Lot 324
Stainless steel fish kettle, wicker picnic hamper and meat plates
Lot 325
2 x modern jewellery boxes
Lot 326
2 x boxes of tapes
Lot 327
Denby Glyn College style jug
Lot 328
Records : Jazz & Blues, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Alexis Corner
Lot 329
Glassware : Holmegaard, bubble glass jug, Rockingham crystal
Lot 330
19th century Staffordshire pottery flatback Flora Macdonald & Bonnie Price Charlie
Lot 331
Assorted pictures
Lot 332
3 x boxes of oddments
Lot 333
Box of vintage cameras: Minolta, Kodak
Lot 334
Vintage tin plate and wood childs toy lorry
Lot 335
Records : Classical ALP, ALPS, SXL, ASD & others
Lot 336
Oddments, haberdashery, Buchan Pottery dish, light fitments etc.
Lot 337
5 x boxes of oddments, light fitments, china glass etc.
Lot 338
Box of door handles
Lot 339
Antique rustic elm stool
Lot 339A
Cast iron tractor bell
Lot 340
Decorative tea and glass ware : Old Mill Stream pattern, Noritake and others
Lot 341
Masons plates, picture frame, World War II interest maps, vintage style sign, comical golfing print, vintage chrome companion set etc.
Lot 342
Vintage oak case mantle clock and two others
Lot 343
Box of tins and box of haberdashery
Lot 344
Plated golf club walking stick
Lot 345
Presentation cases of flatware
Lot 346
Wicker baskets, bain marie, vintage frosted blue glass dressing table set etc.
Lot 347
Box of oddments, teddy bears, brass Benares tray etc.
Lot 348
3 x boxes of dinner ware, wicker basket etc.
Lot 349
Box of African tourist art, book ends, plated cruet, boxed microscope etc.
Lot 350
Retro West German vase, Royal Worcester Evesham tureen and cake stand
Lot 351
Silver top walking cane and two others
Lot 352
5 x Vintage Scandinavian film posters

Ottery Auctions Conditions of Sale
Lot 353
Assorted plated ware, tankards, lighter etc.
Lot 354
Large collection of Classical collectors edition boxed classical records, some import, condition in general very good with some unplayed & Art magazines
Lot 355
Pictures & prints, watercolours, pencil sketches, stool & tent
Lot 356
Dell tower computer etc.
Lot 357
Modern tantalus, Bible, photos etc
Lot 358
Interesting 20th century artillery shell clock & commemorative Royal Marines miniature presentation drum (military interest)
Lot 359
2 x Indian brass trays
Lot 360
Victorian Ironstone vase (damaged), Victorian jugs and steins
Lot 361
4 x boxes of decorative china etc.
Lot 362
4 x boxes of decorative china glass and oddments
Lot 363
Pair of 19th century glass eye Staffordshire dogs
Lot 364
Blue and white vase & continental china ornaments
Lot 365
Records : Mainly 1980's Pop & some easy listening
Lot 366
Fishing stool, cine titler cutter, photographic equipment, projector
Lot 367
New light fitments, centre light fitments, table lamps etc.
Lot 368
Silver plated and other trophies
Lot 369
Assorted military belts
Lot 370
Pioneer PDR CD player (spares / repair)
Lot 371
Vintage till
Lot 372
Vintage suitcases
Lot 373
Records 45s : Elvis Presley, 1960's Pop

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