24th September Vintage Antique & Collectable

Lot 1
Early 20th century unmarked 9 ct gold pin set with diamonds, rubies & sapphires in stylised floral pattern in an Edward Bishop, Bournemouth presentation box
Lot 2
19th century continental silver handled knife modelled as a Classical figure
Lot 3
French knife, fork and spoon silver gilt set by Odiot (spoon and fork weighs 110 g, knife with filled handle 57 g )
Lot 4
Continental silver gilt anointing spoon with decorated enamelled handle
Lot 5
3 x lower grade silver stamped 800 teaspoons 31 g
Lot 6
2 x early 19th century unmarked silver metal soup ladles stamped S S, pair of unmarked early 19th century silver metal sugar tongs with engraved decoration 104 g
Lot 7
Harlequin set of four silver apostle spoons Birm. dates range from 1897, differing makers & one other 39 g
Lot 8
Engraved Chester silver jam spoon 1929, & 3 x solid silver teaspoons 52 g
Lot 9
Harlequin set of 8 early 19th century silver dessert spoons all London dates ranging from 1808 - 1839, makers include Mary Chawner, J. & G Piercy, R Chatterton ?, Eley Fearn & Chawner 513 g
Lot 10
Continental solid silver ice cube grabber / pickle fork stamped 925 by C. C. 45 g
Lot 11
Early 18 th century solid silver rat tail dessert spoon 45 g with owners name on reverse of spoon assay, date and makers marks indiscernible
Lot 12
3 x solid silver forks London, 1832 & 2 x 1864, W Chawner & G Aldwinckle 220 g
Lot 13
Solid silver jam spoon London 1836 Robert Wallis 26 g, continental silver pickle fork with filled silver handled (combined weight 28 g )
Lot 14
Solid silver tea caddy of circular form Birm. 1908 68 g by William Neale 9. 5 cms x 7. 5 cms
Lot 15
Solid silver christening mug inscribed George Asser London 1864 by Daniel & Charles Houle 129 g
Lot 16
Silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration and wooden lining London 1924 by Walker & Hall 5 cms x 18 cms x 9 cms
Lot 17
3 x silver decanter labels Whisky, Sherry, Gin with acanthus leaf decoration Birm. 1973 by David Hollander & Sons 38 g
Lot 18
Bag of assorted silver plated spoons and forks
Lot 19
Dutch unmarked silver jam spoon with repousse work decoration and revolving wind mill 20 g, set of 4 continental silver spiral twist stem tea spoons 28 g, pair of silver Dutch boy & girl spoons 14 g
Lot 20
2 x silver jam spoons with tips modelled as scholars, Birm. 1897 & 1896 John Millward Banks 51 g
Lot 20A
Silver photo frame with repousse decoration Birm 2000 stamped RH
Lot 20B
Silver heart shaped photo frame with repousse decoration Birm 1996 stamped R H
Lot 20C
3 piece silver back dressing table set with engine turned decoration Birm. 1928 David Moss & Co.
Lot 20D
German Crown sized silver 5 Marks 1876 F. Hong Kong 5 Cents 1903 F & other coins. A Queen Jubilee Head Medal 1887 in white metal
Lot 20E
Netherlands crown sized 10 Guilden, 1945 - 1970 GF /NVF. A pair of 1953 Crowns both VF. A modern base metal £5 & base metal £2 & other coins
Lot 21
2 x silver teaspoons London 1822 & 1849, 3 silver salt spoons (one modelled as an apostle spoon ), 4 silver cruet spoons 1819 & 1831, differing assay offices and makers 92 g
Lot 21A
A range of coins, usually GB & very occasionally silver, farthings & fractional farthings noticed, the lot is accompanied by the vendors inventory
Lot 22
Silver and leather bound hip flask with screw top lid London 1880 by Brockwell & Sons 96 g
Lot 23
19th century silver sauce boat with lobed decoration London makers & date marks rubbed 119 g
Lot 24
3 silver studs in presentation box, assorted gold plated and mother of pearl studs
Lot 25
Silver table lighter by Colibri Lighters Ltd. Birm. 1990 & pair of silver rimmed cut glass open ink wells makers, assay & date marks indiscernible
Lot 26
Pair of silver pepper pots with blue glass liners 18 g Birm. 1928 Marson & Jones ?, silver cruet set with blue glass liners (one liner missing) Birm 1929 Mappin & Webb 94 g, solid silver ashtray Birm Turner & Simpson 1935 57 g
Lot 27
Solid silver meat skewer London 1811 by Eley Fearn & Chawner 69 g
Lot 28
Late 19th early 20th century silver plated belt with pierced work decoration
Lot 29
Pair of Neo classical table salts with star cut blue glass liners decorated with swags and garlands London 1902 by Daniel & John Wellby 152 g 5 cms x 8 cms
Lot 30
Pair of good quality solid silver candlesticks of unusual squat circular form on flattened stepped base with gilded, chased & engraved decoration London 1866 by William Wrangham Williams 872 g 15 cms x 15 cms
Lot 31
Late 19th early 20 th century Burmese unmarked silver metal jar and cover decorated with repousse work interior scenes and one other Indian unmarked silver metal jar & cover
Lot 32
Solid silver sugar castor London C & S Co. Ltd ? 1903 183 g
Lot 33
Silver dressing table jar and cover with hinged lid, velvet liner Birm. 1944 A J Zimmerman, silver cruet set of Neo classical form Birm. 1912 by Henry Matthews 133 g
Lot 34
Silver salt cellar with gilded interior, foliate decoration on pad feet London David Mowden ? 1792 ? 40 g 3 cms x 7 cms, with two 20th century silver plated salt spoons
Lot 35
Crown 1819 VG. A Shilling 1834 NF/F. Other coins occasionally silver
Lot 36
Crowns 1822, two coins both are F and 1892 F. Double Florins : 1887 GV/NVF and 1890 GF/NVF but minor obverse scratching
Lot 37
A Shilling 1887 GF/NVF. South Africa Kruger Shilling 1897 GF. A Sixpence 1887 F/GF. A further 90 g assorted silver coins of the world
Lot 38
Russian Kopek 1911 GF. A quantity of other coins of the world. Some better items noticed, all in a small cash tin
Lot 39
A Farthing 1806 F. Hong Kong Cent 1865 F but with verdi gris. A Crown Copper Company 1811 F but with verdi gris & other items
Lot 40
An unusual set of three California miniature model coins comprising of half eagle, Dollar, half Dollar contained in a case inscribed California 1849 (USA interest)
Lot 41
A white metal medal " F M Lord Roberts VC, Pretoria 1900", an impressive white metal medal " International Exhibition London, May 1862", & four further white metal medals
Lot 42
A 1983 proof set of coins, an Isle of Man 3 x £1 proof set 1979 & other coins
Lot 42A
Replica 18 ct gold Charles II touch piece in case of issue, replica 18 ct gold Queen Anne touch piece in box of presentation by Johnson Matthey
Lot 43
A 1935 Crown F but tarnished

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